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  1. Columbia42

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    The Altea website says that the hires tiles are available as a torrent file, but I can't find a link to such a file there, is that option still supported with the newest texture updates?
  2. Columbia42

    Request Can Anyone Make The Voshkod Craft?

    That's my Voskhod development thread. The project was put on indefinite hold a while ago, to be honest I haven't worked on any addons in a LONG time. That being said, I did do a sort of proof-of-concept a while ago which took Jekka's Vostok addon and modified it to model the Voskhod spacecraft...
  3. Columbia42

    Can I get some input from the community?

    I like the news feed idea, although it would require developers to set up RSS feeds which AFAIK don't really exist at the moment. Nonetheless, it would be cool to have sort of an instant update on any projects I'm following without having to search the forum for threads.
  4. Columbia42

    Interstellar - The Movie

    There have been many points in our history where we thought we had exhausted the Earth's resources (Malthus, etc.) but then we found ways to get around that. Theoretically, one could say that the Earth's resources are unlimited, as long as we continue to develop new technology to use these...
  5. Columbia42

    News Does that N-1 animated render looks convincing to you ?

    No, it definitely isn't. The animation is a far better recreation.
  6. Columbia42

    Discussion Orulex revival?

    Orulex is a really good addon, but two major things prevent me from using it that much, one is compatibility with D3D9 and the other is that terrain generation is tremendously graphics heavy. For these reasons, I would be far more interested in seeing further development of OGLA for Orbiter than...
  7. Columbia42

    OHM Uranus Astronomy

    Definitely should be called Uranus Airbace...
  8. Columbia42

    Hardware New Desktop

    Looks like a good system for the cost. What Hielor said, and also, not sure a 500 Watt PSU will cover all that, did you customize this rig or is it more or less off the shelf?
  9. Columbia42

    News Doctor Who...again!

    Hmmm... Haven't seen him in anything else but I'm sort of glad they broke the trend with the Doctor getting younger and younger. Seemed a bit incongruous, especially with the many references to his impending death. Well I can't say I'm sad that Smith is leaving, Tennant was far better, in my...
  10. Columbia42

    Request Decent Saturn J2 engine exhaust

    What Urwumpe said, but if you want something that closely matches the colors as seen on videos of stage separation, the beta version of NASSP on SourceForge (, is pretty nice.
  11. Columbia42

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I'm not sure if this is the issue being referred to by others, but for me the flickering is fixed with R11c but installing R12 brings the flickering back. I have an ATI Radeon 5570 GPU and Win XP.
  12. Columbia42

    My space travel

    As far as I know, the distance is unlimited as long as you turn off HUD displays and any MFDs which show your altitude/position, as these crash at large enough numbers. If you haven't tried Jedidia's Orbiter Galaxy (Orbiter Galaxy 0.6.3 PATCH), I would suggest giving that a shot. It's a little...
  13. Columbia42

    Rag Tag Fleet

    AFAIK, RTF is gone for good so logging in at the site wouldn't help. I don't know if the addons are available anywhere else or how you would go about getting them.
  14. Columbia42

    Orbiter Multiplayer beta tester!

    I should be able to dedicate some time for beta testing, just let me know when the testing is.
  15. Columbia42

    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    Saw STS-123 (I think, maybe a different number) the other day, coincidence? I think not...
  16. Columbia42

    Question Best Film Ever?

    So many to name! I'm sure I've forgotten some but my list of favorites would have to include The Matrix The King's Speech Apollo 13 The Truman Show Catch Me If You Can Moon The Hunt For Red October One that really deserves mention here (haven't seen a post yet!) is Primer, probably the best...
  17. Columbia42

    Your Greatest Flights

    There have been so many flights, but definitely my most recent memorable flight was a trip to Rigel Kentaurus using Orbiter Galaxy and Artlav's Hius ramjet spacecraft. It was a 15 year trip (Earth time, not sure about time dilation) including three years spent orbiting the Earth-like planet in...
  18. Columbia42

    OHM Orbiter Galaxy 0.6.2 ALPHA

    What's your operating system? Can you use the standalone map application or does it crash as well?
  19. Columbia42

    Project Orbiter Galaxy

    Even without changing the star system's name the problem remains. As I said, the jump function still works fine but when travelling through normal space, OG never switches systems. Oddly, donatelo's Upsilon Andromedae addon adds a custom system without any adverse effects.
  20. Columbia42

    Project Orbiter Galaxy

    I'm having some trouble adding custom systems to Orbiter Galaxy. Whenever I place a new file into the custom systems folder alongside Sol, I am no longer able to navigate anywhere without pressing the "jump" button in the MFD. Instead, OG refuses to switch systems at the halfway mark as I have...