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  1. Xyon

    Tutorial GPIS link broken

    The contents of GPIS was put onto the orbiterwiki page - though that front page links to the same problematic download it looks like the actual substance of the book was preserved. I think it's quite out of date now, though. A new revised Orbiter 2024 edition wouldn't hurt
  2. Xyon

    Bug [Merged 3 - OHM download bugs] More OOOPS

    S'broken, yeah. I haven't looked at this one specifically but as a rule, this isn't about a file being missing generally - sometimes this error happens because the addon was just an external link when it was uploaded to orbithangar, and that hasn't translated well in the various migrations...
  3. Xyon

    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    He's not been around for quite some time, I would not hold your breath for an updated UMMU.
  4. Xyon

    What do you do for a living?

    Computers, mostly. Programming here and there, ops there and here. Currently a senior devops engineer for a digital agency in the hospitality sector. It's fine, it pays well, and I work from home.
  5. Xyon

    OHM Space Shuttle Vessel

    Discussion for this addon takes place here ->
  6. Xyon

    Announcement Donation target adjusted

    A small update to this; you might notice the donation target has suddenly tripled! Our costs haven't changed (much) since we increased the target - what's happened here is I've just flipped the donation drive to a three-month period instead of one-month. There's no way to track rolling periods...
  7. Xyon

    Oldsalter looking for approval

    Yeah, the issue your facing here is the one noted in that support thread. Though the message says it's probably about your post count, in this case it's nothing to with it; you already have more posts than the required minimum. Unfortunately there's no distinction in the system between different...
  8. Xyon

    Bug [Merged 3 - OHM download bugs] More OOOPS

    Ah, I see. I think it took about two years to settle in last time I moved, but I did move mid-COVID so that might be why. Fingers crossed for six months!
  9. Xyon

    Bug [Merged 3 - OHM download bugs] More OOOPS

    Nah, it's an annoying problem, I'm aware. The error message is the catch-all kind, too - there's a number of root causes, so the fix for it is going to be multi-faceted as well. Bread and salt? Yeah, the migration tool I wrote has some pretty iffy blind spots. A lot of the time the fix is "dig...
  10. Xyon

    Bug [Merged 3 - OHM download bugs] More OOOPS

    It makes enough sense in context, 'tis a known issue. I'm moving house currently - I hope to have more time to look into it at some point in the near future, but Real Life continues to be extremely busy, unfortunately, which has been keeping me away from this.
  11. Xyon

    Bug [Merged 3 - OHM download bugs] More OOOPS

    Hey there. What were you trying to download that you ran into this on?
  12. Xyon

    Important Happy Christmas, 2023

    For all the Orbinauts celebrating this time of year, have a very special one, and may the probe bless your flights for 2024!
  13. Xyon

    Greatest gaming

    ... I really don't want to try to crowdfund that kind of effort, but it'd be fun to create it :P
  14. Xyon

    svn repository is very slow.

    Can confirm we don't throttle anybody in that regard. The SVN repo sees very little traffic, so there's never been any need to shape traffic.
  15. Xyon

    Resolved Ignoring

    This option in your profile leads you to this page, where you can control the members you are ignoring. It's not related to your conduct on the forum or to any staff interaction.
  16. Xyon

    Grand Tour For The Solar System Not Working Say more words, to help us help you!
  17. Xyon

    Request statistics

    I think I can extract some of this (total users and active, mostly) from the backend, I'll see what I can put together on that. We do record addon downloads, but those don't seem to appear in the reporting tools I have here, so it's less clear how I could collate those. Most of this information...
  18. Xyon

    Bug donation not registered, not received?

    Yep! Paypal does indeed show your donation on our side. The plugin we used for donations in the XenForo world has been nothing but trouble, really; unfortunately not many better options seem to exist, when I've looked. Anyway, many thanks for your donation, it's been safely received. :)
  19. Xyon

    Formula One Grand Prix 2023.

    literally everyone, lol
  20. Xyon

    Updates ISS UPDATES

    We did previously, I'm pretty sure? But Twitter's new restrictions about how many tweets you can read and / or API limits may have impacted it. We certainly can't afford to be paying to embed tweets, sorry!