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  1. Mandella

    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.2 with Dragon CRS-8 April 8 2016

    I would recommend the Gear VR for the best 360 Video viewing. And I hope that poor seabird you can see to the right got clear enough to survive!
  2. Mandella

    OHM Space Elevator, release 4

    Well this might not be a big help, but I can confirm that the Elevator runs just fine on my 2010PI install. I have no memory of what witchcraft I may have had to perform to get it installed, though, but it is possible. Are you using a mod handler? It's always best to unpack into a separate...
  3. Mandella

    Request Spacecraft from several low budget movies

    Found on the Orbit Hanger! Vulture :tiphat:
  4. Mandella

    No Man's Sky - A journey about to end, another about to begin

    Welp, now I'm interested. I kind of agree with you about Elite: Dangerous. And Star Citizen, well, less said the better I guess, but this one sounds like it might just have enough fiction in the science to make it an interesting game. Thanks for the heads up and mini-review!
  5. Mandella

    Idea The Aldrin Cycler?

    Oh I understand that -- I was actually thinking about the "real thing." And of course as a guide to modeling the cycler in Orbiter. Big honking chemical thrusters or smaller ion engines or a pretty sail...
  6. Mandella

    Idea The Aldrin Cycler?

    First thing, as someone who is primarily an Orbiter end user (wish I could contribute more, but time and ability have always been in short supply) it makes me really really happy to see projects like this moving forward. I wish I could do more than just say "I'm looking forward to playing with...
  7. Mandella

    The end of an era, or R.I.P. OGLAClient

    Funny, I think I've ran some of your "unfinished" addons longer than I've ran many completed ones. But thinking of a silver lining to this cloud, sounds like it's time for me to check out Spaceways again... Thanks again for everything you've contributed to the Orbiter community Artlav!
  8. Mandella

    Gaming Space Engineers (now in BETA)

    Yep. My satellite service is capped at 15 Gigs, although I do have an unlimited window late night. Do people still not understand that something like half of the US and (apparently) Canada are not yet wired for broadband?
  9. Mandella

    Vessel Hermes Spacecraft from The Martian

    First off, probably should move this to Addon Requests. That said, I have to agree that the first thing I thought of when I saw the Hermes was that I couldn't wait to fly this mission in Orbiter! We've been somewhat blessed in the last few years with Sci-Fi movies featuring reasonably...
  10. Mandella

    Flight Question Lagrange points/halo orbits? Are there any methods?

    True, but it does work as a kludge. You have to use the Lagrange MFD to keep your satellite on station, then intercept and match velocity with IMFD. I do this all the time. I've never tried it with L1 or L2 though. L4 and L5 stay reasonably stable for the few days needed for a rendezvous. Just...
  11. Mandella

    Flight Question Lagrange points/halo orbits? Are there any methods?

    I might be misunderstanding what you need here, but have you tried teleporting a "dummy" ship to one of the Lagrange points and then using IMFD or Transx to plot an intercept to the dummy? This is the way I usually transit to the O'Neal stations I have in my system, although I suspect that this...
  12. Mandella

    Question Ranger (and other ships) from Interstellar?

    If I can add my two cents worth-- When there is a discrepancy between inner and outer dimensions in reference to a fictional craft, my preference is to make the interior match the sets and scale the exterior accordingly. It just seems to suit the feel of the vessel better, in my opinion...
  13. Mandella

    I finally saw Firefly.

    Yep, and agree with you on all counts! Can't stop the signal...
  14. Mandella

    General Question Can't get Spacecraft3

    I think you just load it in like any mod. You don't have to make any other changes if I remember correctly. However, if you really really want to stay with the old stuff -- check your PMs.
  15. Mandella

    OHM Space Station Building Blocks 4.1B

    I remember going through all this getting 4.1 properly installed (Burch was very much a modeller, not a programmer). I wish I could give you a step by step, but after all this time I really don't recall what fell incantations were necessary. The following assumes you are comfortable working...
  16. Mandella

    Vessel 2011_FireFly for Orbiter 2010P1 or Firefly Sport?

    Hey Sticky, check your PMs.
  17. Mandella

    Project LR1 Skyhammer: A New Shuttle [p1]

    This is going to be a fun vehicle to fly. Are there plans for a virtual cockpit?
  18. Mandella

    Xeno... NUTS!

    Well, you successfully sold me! And so far so good...
  19. Mandella

    OHM Firefly "Jumbo" Transport 2008 Edition

    Modeling your own planets is a bit of a project, but very fun. Google around Orbiter for some tutorials. Otherwise, there is Jedida's Orbiter Galaxy, which procedurally creates new star systems and the means to get to them. I haven't personally tried it yet, but it's definitely on my to-do list.
  20. Mandella

    OHM Firefly "Jumbo" Transport 2008 Edition

    Can't help you too much there -- I never messed with the cargo systems much for some reason (maybe because it was as confusing as you describe?). I just wheeled around the 'Verse in the Jumbo and her little sister the Sport. I even built a few planets in my own version of the 'Verse to make them...