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    General Question New AMD Graphics Cards

    Good to hear you're having no issues. I think the DX9 issues are specifically related to the 5000/6000 RDNA cards. Anybody out there have one of those specifically?
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    General Question New AMD Graphics Cards

    Hi, I was incredibly lucky and scored an AMD 6700 xt. Reading into it, it looks like the newer AMD cards sometimes have issues with DirectX 9 games. I was wondering if anybody out there had experience with running orbiter on the newer AMD cards and could provide insight? I plan on using the...
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    SDK Question Control Surface Moments

    Thanks for the quick responses guys! Yes I have: I'm doing M = qinf * S * c * cM, where S is the wing area (90 m^2 for the DG), and c is the chord (5 meters for the DG). I am taking this effect into account; I have all of my aerodynamic forces acting perpendicular/parallel to the freestream...
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    SDK Question Control Surface Moments

    Hi all, I'm working on an atmospheric autopilot, and I need to be able to somewhat accurately predict the induced moments on a vessel from control surface deflections so I can tune the autopilot. I'm working with the as-included Delta Glider. For sum of forces and moments with no control...
  5. Orbiter Fig 1

    Orbiter Fig 1

  6. Orbiter Fig 2

    Orbiter Fig 2

  7. Bank 1

    Bank 1

  8. Bank 2

    Bank 2

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    SDK Question Odd Behavior With oapiOpenInputBox

    Hey, sorry I'm just answering this, I totally missed your reply haha. I traced through your code; my application only needs vessel-specific (not MFD-specific, so no need for a local core for me). Works brilliantly, thanks! Just as an FYI for anybody else trying this: I was able to...
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  11. DG 2016 Bug 1

    DG 2016 Bug 1

  12. DG 2016 Bug 2

    DG 2016 Bug 2

  13. DG 2016 Bug 3

    DG 2016 Bug 3

  14. DG 2010 1

    DG 2010 1

  15. DG 2010 2

    DG 2010 2

  16. Lift Bug

    Lift Bug

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    SDK Question Odd Behavior With oapiOpenInputBox

    Yes, that would be great. I assume it's something along the lines of a separate class which records each initiated instance of the MFD and saves parameters?
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    SDK Question Odd Behavior With oapiOpenInputBox

    That'll do it, thanks! For those curious, I also got it to work with tempStr being a std::string. I did learn the hard way that an MFD is destroyed and recreated with cockpit switches, etc. I'm making all of my main variables global in the sense that I'm initializing them in the .cpp file...
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    SDK Question Odd Behavior With oapiOpenInputBox

    Hi all, In an MFD I'm working on, I'm trying to allow the user to input a target base via oapiOpenInputBox, though I'm getting some strange behavior. The goal in this simple case is to simply open a dialog box, have the user input a string, and then print the string to the MFD. I have the...
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    SDK Question Polygons and IVECTOR2

    That did the trick, thanks!! // Draw a right triangle in the upper left corner of an MFD oapi::IVECTOR2 pt1, pt2, pt3; pt1.x = 2; pt1.y = 2; pt2.x = 65; pt2.y = 65; pt3.x = 2; pt3.y = 65; oapi::IVECTOR2 ptarr[3] = {pt1,pt2,pt3}; skp->Polygon(ptarr, 3);