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  1. Dig Gil

    OHM Orbiter Speech Recognition Module for Orbiter 2010

    I use Windows Vista (and therefore the built-in engine). Should I try to install XP's engine?
  2. Dig Gil

    OHM Orbiter Speech Recognition Module for Orbiter 2010

    I've got a problem that I think is more related to my computer than to OSRM, but I can't solve. I already knew that the built-in speech recognition software didn't worked (supposedly due the Portuguese configuration not being supported), but I tried this AddOn anyway. What happens when I try it...
  3. Dig Gil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Well, you about "Google" one could disguised the problem by saying he meant "Google Chrome" but with "Yahoo"...:shrug:
  4. Dig Gil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    You used an automatic translator, didn't you :dry: It seems that no computer has ever translated correctly from English to Portuguese.
  5. Dig Gil

    The physics of musical instruments

    That's why they use music in advertisements. Also, that principle, is used in films as a way to tell viewers some informations (like the state of mind of a character or if the scene is supposed to be dynamic or static) without adding dialogue or more pictures.
  6. Dig Gil

    Electromagnetic tether for space debris removal

    Then using a the gravity gradient for stabilisation could become useless at the poles because of the flattening of the surface there due centrifugal forces. Plus: if you need to thrust debris to make them meet the poles so to de-orbit them, then it would be more efficient to just stick...
  7. Dig Gil

    RC DeltaGliderIV project

    I understand you, I've even made an entry in one of my blogs about that: :thumbup: Good job, ehm! So how's the wind tunnel now? When are you planning the first lift off?
  8. Dig Gil

    Project Orbiter Speech Recognition Module - Beta Testers Needed

    The recognition systems are not the best :P
  9. Dig Gil

    Project Orbiter Speech Recognition Module - Beta Testers Needed

    With this, the Arrow Freight will be much more immersive!
  10. Dig Gil

    IPad, what do you think?

    They need a synonyms thesaurus.
  11. Dig Gil

    IPad, what do you think?

    I'd buy it if there were USB Ports and some more processor power. By the way, is apples touchscreen technology sensitive to pressure levels, or does it only detects positions?
  12. Dig Gil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It's amazing the fact that we ask a futurist/artist/philosopher how will the world be 50 years or more from now and they show us the Back to the Future kind of exaggeration. We ask experts/scientists/engineers and they present us with Fallout 3 (without counting with the fact of the nuclear war)...
  13. Dig Gil

    General Question opening DGIV canopy in space

    That's true. Better ask DanSteph about that.
  14. Dig Gil

    OHM Mfd Irc 100124

    At last you release the "Scrollable Edition" Good job, pal.
  15. Dig Gil

    Will an anti-gravity device ever be created? What would it involve?

    If my memory is not playing tricks on me, when I've read about it for the first time (in a magazine) it is amusing to know that the U.S. Navy built their own "cold reactor".:thumbup:
  16. Dig Gil

    ATV's Docking system improves car assembly

    [my first spacecraft news thread :hotcool:] I got this from Twitter, don't know if anyone already knew it:
  17. Dig Gil

    Gaming I am Alive

    A new Survival genre WIP game from Ubisoft. Looks promising, but like all good games it's under development heel:
  18. Dig Gil

    Project Universal Car for Orbiter (UCO)

    You know that wheels that are inflated by air don't work in vacuum, don't you?:hello: Anyway: DanSteph, apart from minor spelling mistakes, I've not found any issue in your UCGO.:tiphat:
  19. Dig Gil

    Spiral clock

    Yes it does! Unless you are using a very impure wax.
  20. Dig Gil

    Gaming Akinator, the AI guessing genius

    He got the my first one right: Albert Einstein, a piece of cake. Just to see what methods were used in this system. Seems he requests user input about specific iconic characteristics ("Did this character have a strange hair?"). But afterwards I played with it thinking about an hypothetical...