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  1. Shadow Addict

    Question What are you reading?

    Ulysses by James Joyce. I've realized that that books I enjoy the very most are those that actually make me think about what I'm reading if I want to have a hope of understanding it, as opposed to most books which I can understand pretty fully without devoting my full attention to it. It's...
  2. Shadow Addict

    When and If Orbiter gets Multiplayer, What would you like to do or be able to do?

    Well, of course spaceflight is unimaginably fast. But there's no way twitch gameplay with spaceflight; you don't just decide to fly to the ISS and burn straight towards it. That takes planning, and when you do get there, you creep up to it at the pace of a snail. In an absolute sense, yes it's...
  3. Shadow Addict

    Support NASSP Fails at my end

    NASSP has most definitely been updated to 2010P1. Which version of NASSP are you using?
  4. Shadow Addict

    When and If Orbiter gets Multiplayer, What would you like to do or be able to do?

    I'm sorry, dude, but a semi-realistic spaceflight fighter can't compare with the Real Thing, and Orbiter is as close to the Real Thing as it gets. ASATs sound like fun, and they are, to an extent, but they're not (and never will be) fast-paced, fluid space combat, because spaceflight isn't...
  5. Shadow Addict

    When and If Orbiter gets Multiplayer, What would you like to do or be able to do?

    Actually, I would say I know exactly what it would be like: slow and boring. Sure, I could sit for 45 minutes and hope that my target is oblivious enough to not notice my kinetic missile slowly gaining speed to intersect his orbit (hoping all the while that he doesn't make any kind of plane...
  6. Shadow Addict

    News Da Vinci's ornithopter takes flight

    That's pretty amazing. More than a century after we manage flight, we can finally fly like the birds that inspired us in the first place! :P
  7. Shadow Addict

    Technology And Research Space Station - Mission 1

    Partial success? A total LoCV seems like it kinda tips the scales towards failure :P But really though, congrats. I remember putting together my first station, and it's a ton of fun. Just gotta remember to open those radiators! :thumbup:
  8. Shadow Addict

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    Oh god this is amazing. The new XR2 has officially surpassed any other addon in terms of "my life is complete the day it's released"; I look forward to that Tuesday, whenever it is!
  9. Shadow Addict

    General Question How can i beg pardon... ?

    I don't think there's any better way to do it than by posting a topic like this. Taking responsibility for your actions directly like this, at least to me, shows that you really mean it :thumbup:
  10. Shadow Addict

    Poll How would you fly to the ISS?

    Suit yourself; you're just increasing the odds that I'll get the seat in the can, after all :lol:
  11. Shadow Addict

    Search Vehicles with abort/ejection systems.

    He said no Apollo, though. A pity, cause NASSP (naturally) has probably the best abort system of any addon. I admit to screwing over Apollo 8 more than once just to try out a Mode 1-C abort :lol:
  12. Shadow Addict

    Humor Orbiter Haikus (And Other Orbiter Poems)

    A haiku. Just a warning: the ending is quite sad, and I cried while writing it. Only the emotionally strong should read ahead. Tuesday Tuesday, day Tuesday, Tuesday Tuesda-ay! Tuesday. Tuesday? Nay. I haven't decided what to name it yet, any suggestions?
  13. Shadow Addict

    Poll How would you fly to the ISS?

    I'd go in a reinforced tin can if it meant I got to fly in space.
  14. Shadow Addict

    Updates Orion (MPCV) Updates and Discussion

    Wow, I didn't even realize Orion was still gonna happen. I live about ten miles from Michoud, and it's good to know something is going on in that big building over there. :thumbup:
  15. Shadow Addict

    Problem Project Mercury Fails To Work With My Orbiter.

    Searching "project mercury orbiter 2010" comes up with this. Usually a good idea to try a search before you ask.
  16. Shadow Addict

    Orbiter theme song?

    Oh god yes anything from Moon would be perfect. My personal favorite:
  17. Shadow Addict

    Real Time

    I don't fly real-time too often; I'd like to but I don't have the time. However, I do love vAGC in NASSP, and that keeps me from going above x10 time accel, so I've spent a lot of time with that. Probably about 5 hours straight once (partially at x10 accel), though I wasn't paying attention the...
  18. Shadow Addict

    General Question DG IV versus XR1 DeltaGlider

    Or you can do a graceful SCRAM ascent and save a ton of main engine fuel :lol:
  19. Shadow Addict

    Current VSA activity

    ... what?
  20. Shadow Addict

    Rant Disrepect to Probe!!!

    Well, I can understand. It's little more than an extended in-joke around these forums; not really very much of a meme.