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  1. llarian

    Tutorial GPIS link broken

    If you are still having difficulty obtaining the complete file, I still have a copy. PM me.
  2. llarian

    Was someone looking for "Go Play In Space"?

    I thought I remembered a posting where someone was looking for a working link to "Go Play In Space". Did they find what they were after or still need a copy?
  3. llarian

    Question Is there a map of Mars that visual shows the placement of the Surface and Elevation tiles?

    Good day, folks. I'm looking for a mapping tool where I can plug in the Surface and/or Elevation tiles of Mars and visually see where they are. Any ideas?
  4. llarian

    Mission shuts down on its own ...

    Not sure. How do I check it?
  5. llarian

    Mission shuts down on its own ...

    OK. To bring you up to date, I start the mission and change the date to current time. I set the parameters I need to establish surface launch and then let the mission run in the background without touching it (waiting for launch day). Orbiter will run on its own in the background for three hours...
  6. llarian

    Mission shuts down on its own ...

    Okay. I never record flights. I will have to redo the mission to update the orbiter.log, though it also happens with another copy of orbiter running a version of the 2001 space station in its completed iteration. I will run both and try to get an estimated timeline and both sets of orbiter...
  7. llarian

    Mission shuts down on its own ...

    Here is an odd one. I set up a mission to go from Mars to Ceres using the Frelon. I initially set time for today, and launch the mission. After doing what set up I need to do using IMFD and TransX2, I let the mission run in real time in the background. If I get lazy or take a nap, I will often...
  8. llarian

    Advanced Question 3D modelling for Orbiter

    Depending on concurrence, maybe we can convince Xyon to add a new subforum dedicated to Blender modelling for Orbiter. Opinions?
  9. llarian

    Changing date configuration of scenario editor

    When I want to change the "Now" date in the scenario editor, it enters the date in UTC. I have to manually change it to EST. How do I change the configuration of the scenario editor to use EST?
  10. llarian

    Software Trying to use Mesh Wizard (how to register *.ocx on Windows 10)

    I put all of those files in a new directory (on my unit the folder is Orbiter Mesh Viewer 1.9) and have had no problems using MeshWizard directly from this folder.
  11. llarian

    Discussion Tile making

    Better to just use Google with the airport names and winter and just look at the image selections.
  12. llarian

    Discussion Tile making

    Try looking at North Peace Regional Airport (Fort St. John, BC Canada) or any of the airports around Edmonton, AB Canada (especially CFB Edmonton), for winter airport images.
  13. llarian

    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    Great. Tell us what you did.
  14. llarian

    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    Seems to me to be a lot of work just for one user. Can Jordan substantiate that there are more users that might justify the changes?
  15. llarian

    General Question Obtaining MOLA data ...

    Thanks dgatsoulis. I forgot about the tree files within Orbiter itself. However, when trying to use tileedit.exe it asks me to install the Matlab 2015a runtime file. This will not install on my system. Any thoughts? Please disregard. I must have hit the wrong download link.
  16. llarian

    General Question Obtaining MOLA data ...

    Can anyone advise on how to obtain MOLA data to build an accurate Mars surface? In particular, I'm interested in the Erebus Montes area but it is the general extraction of height data that I want to discuss?
  17. llarian

    General Question OpenOrbiter download location ...

    I want to check out OpenOrbiter but can't seem to find the current download location for it. Can someone point the way for me please?
  18. llarian

    News Chandrayaan-3

    Congratulations to ISRO. See, you doubters who said it is impossible to land at the poles.