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    General Question Modded Custom Orbiter Build and highlights of last decade

    Hi, I used to be here and was passionate about OSFS in 2009. It was the only game or simulator I use to be crazy about from as much as I can remember. I have returned here after 13 years. I left pursuing phd in astrophysics after my spiritual awakening. But space flight interest was rekindled...
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    Scenarios Fix for Shuttle Fleet v4.15 (Slat Pads + 2009-03-08

    This fixes incorrect positions while using KSC Hi Res with Shuttle Fleet and Slats Pads all together   I tried Slat’s Pads just today..  & I have to say I am really amazed   The pads are best I have seen and has some good cam angles and not to mention press site WOW!   But all...