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  1. RacerX

    yo vlad dude! how are you? I hope everything is good. Give me a shout let me know you ok. we...

    yo vlad dude! how are you? I hope everything is good. Give me a shout let me know you ok. we have a discord here. come by say hi to me
  2. RacerX

    Orbiter is now open source

    great does this mean we can finally get collision detection now?
  3. RacerX

    what happened to the hail probe emote

  4. RacerX

    XR2 imported into DCS

    right now as of this post FC3 is on sale for 24.99 instead of normal 50$
  5. RacerX

    XR2 imported into DCS

    so i followed this video. one tip they dont tell you in the vid is you have to have the DLC addon called "flaming cliffs 3" or your models wont be visible. Im working on trying to bake all the XR textures down to single texture
  6. RacerX

    KSP became even more realisitic

    @soumya-8974 and dont forget LMP (luna multiplayer) mod so you can play with friends! LMP discord channel is here
  7. RacerX

    Gaming MotorWings! A KSP + Crimson Skies Remake, Build your own plane FlightSim (with realistic physics)

    @Moach dude good to see ya again! I played it and loved it keep it going bra! ?
  8. RacerX

    KSP became even more realisitic

    holy crap! its Moach!!!!!! ill be damn. Cool!
  9. RacerX

    KSP became even more realisitic

    yep Harvester, the creator of KSP, is a member on here. I helped moderate his early forums. He got his inspiration for KSP from orbiter. His brother moach was on here as well and made the G42 starliner (i think it was)
  10. RacerX

    XR2 imported into DCS

    Oh the blasphemy I tell dare I put the XR2 in DCS and test it I dont know should i go for the shiny look or a dull tile look on the top? ?
  11. RacerX

    General Question How is Kerbal more famous than Orbiter.

    like i said it is MY opinion. It might not be a popular opinion and judging by the "thanked by" on the posts nothing is going to change same ol same ol. But hey enjoy your sim and hail probe :hailprobe: :cheers:
  12. RacerX

    General Question How is Kerbal more famous than Orbiter.

    There are some issues with orbiter imo its old and outdated and really isnt evolving or improving or keeping up with the times. I keep checking back year after year hoping for some form of collision detection so far nothing. And after all these years seems to me interest and activity on the...
  13. RacerX

    Project Starship Mk.1

    working on one myself. Heres my hopper
  14. RacerX

    Galaxy4D sim

    Well i dont know bout you guys but i think its going to do well. He already has a 7 year head start and will be releasing something by end of this summer. Another thing i like is in regards to this game the developer has 6 commandments he follows while he is developing the game. They are as...
  15. RacerX

    Galaxy4D sim

    Found a pretty cool sim in the works that has collision detection,multiplayer,Newtonian physics, that you can build ships fly them and walk around inside of them (IVA) you can find more info here:
  16. RacerX

    Updates Tiangong 1 reentry

    does anybody know of a place where there will be a live stream of the event? Or is that impossible to do at this point?
  17. RacerX

    Hurricane Harvey

    And by the way this "hoarding" you guys are referring to is due to people stockpiling gasoline in order to power their generators. Its getting hot and elderly people require electricity for Air conditioning and whatnot. Electricity is required for power tools and the such. Some peoples job it is...
  18. RacerX

    Hurricane Harvey

    All is well here in Lake Jackson Texas (South of houston down 288 freeway) We were one of the lucky ones. The brazos river is about 0.8 miles from my house and still rising. So far so good. Oyster creek is taking most of the runoff although it is starting to overflow on the north east side of...
  19. RacerX

    Project ASVI 2017

    Wow impressive! :thumbup: nice work /me turns around looking for face. :rofl: Are you thinking what Im thinking? coughompcough
  20. RacerX

    News The Matrix Rebooted

    I will admit I will watch it if it comes out just out of pure curiosity. But I don't expect to be impressed. Rarely are remakes better then a original. I'll give it a shot though but I will not rush out to a movie theatre somewhere and pay those overly inflated prices to do it. More like a...