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  1. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    Have you seen the new reentry effects of version 0.19? Really nice!!! and here :link: at 24:50 Effects change according to ship shape and velocity vector real time... Can we make anything like this using D3D9...
  2. Gr_Chris_pilot

    General Question Repair systems for DGIV or XR5

    Nope there is nothing like that for the DGIV.... If you have a critical failure just eject :headbang: Also :welcome: to the forums!!!
  3. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Can You Hear Like a Teenager?

    up to 19 clearly for me.... 20=nothing i am 23
  4. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Iran's new design for 5th Generation Fighter Jet

    Nop the radio like thing is the mode c transponder. For the airspeed indicator i have to say its an standby gauge so its only for reference.... The aircraft have glass cockpit instruments... I can see some Garmin avionics .... I think its only for training.. The wings design provide good...
  5. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Home cockpit

    Hello thijsgalen :welcome: to the forums! You can do that by simulating mouse clicks.... I dont know exactly how you can do that but after simulating the mouse click you can assign the key to a real switch with a USB joystik card and its really easy and cheap :thumbup:
  6. Gr_Chris_pilot

    General Question average fps

    For my laptop with 1366x768 full screen D3D9 70-80 LEO and drops to 55 for something big like pictown (ultra high town setting) In deep space i have something like 150-190fps
  7. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Flight Question Take off issue with the XR2

    120m/s autothrottle after v1 and climb 20deg until gear is up... then 60-70deg full power until 25-30k and scram ready speed... Even 120m/s (233knots) is too much for a single tyre gear system... The only commercial aircraft i know that can safely rotate close to that speed is the Concorde...
  8. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Flight Question Skin temperature at mach 0.8 (xr-2)

    In real life even airliners have SAT and TAT indications in cockpit. For a fighter aircraft after each supersonic flight excessive visual inspection needed and the aircraft is not allowed to pass Mach one many times over a short period of time... One F16 pilot told me that the wings leading edge...
  9. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις ευχές σου Χρόνια πολλά καλή χρονιά!!!

    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις ευχές σου Χρόνια πολλά καλή χρονιά!!!
  10. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to all!!! :cheers:
  11. Gr_Chris_pilot

    New Release DGIV-3, UCGO 2.5 and UMMU 2.5 christmas release

    Best Christmas gift after my girlfriends H7 car xenon kit :hail: Thank you Dan!!!
  12. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Thanks victor! They are pretty old

    Thanks victor! They are pretty old
  13. Gr_Chris_pilot

    OHM Deepstar 2.1

    The best ship for Interplanetary trips is back!!!
  14. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Update [Glideslope 2] Beta Release

    I am interested! Can i have the updated version(29-11) ? :cheers: This MFD is perfect!
  15. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Hey thanks a lot Aeadar :D happy orbiting!

    Hey thanks a lot Aeadar :D happy orbiting!
  16. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Challenge Time Of Flight - Brighton Beach to Olympus base.

    O my god... another challenge.. Let's get to work people :salute:
  17. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε Δημήτρη για τις ευχές σου!!! Πραγματικά χαίρομαι που βλέπω έστω άλλον...

    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε Δημήτρη για τις ευχές σου!!! Πραγματικά χαίρομαι που βλέπω έστω άλλον ένα Έλληνα να ασχολείται με έναν τέτοιο προσομοιωτή!
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    Hello from The US.

    :welcome: to the forums OrtSurfer and dont forget to :hailprobe: the probe :cheers:
  19. Gr_Chris_pilot

    Question LTFMD the return to KSC from the moon

    I think LTMFD reentry mode is for a ballistic reentry with a capsule... You can only change the reentry angle and not the anticipation angle or set a target....I use IMFD to set Rea and Ant at a specific base-target with beautiful results. Just remember to start your reentry inverted (ship...