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  1. wolfast

    General Question 2010 to 2006?

    My laptop runs 2006 very well, and I have tons of issues with 2010. while I'm working those out, is there a way to get addons built for 2010 to show up in 2006? Thanks
  2. wolfast

    Anyone into RC planes?

    I've been an R/C pilot for 23 Years(and im 31) I also Design and Build them for a living. I've been working on a True R/C STS for years. I have a good Shuttle glider Idea..... I just want the whole Tank-SRB-Orbiter combo. There are some out there, but I want a True SRB sep-stage and Controlled...
  3. wolfast

    Discussion Atmospheric Expansion Pack for Orbiter

    if you'd like such a thing?? But Orbiter is not a Great Simulation od in Atmos flight... I have X-plane for that. I have Orbiter for Space flight. Good luck with it... I just dont see the point??
  4. wolfast

    Gaming Video games you want to see turned into movies

    ...sounds odd.. But the Zelda Games from Nintendo would be a good film...IMO... :)
  5. wolfast

    Close Call!

    My first landing with this ship was the same.. I closed the radiator just after undock.... and while just outside of the Cape.... Overheat.... real fun!!!! good landing at KSC and it was COOL :speakcool:
  6. wolfast

    Spartanburg County, Boiling Springs

    Spartanburg County, Boiling Springs
  7. wolfast

    Spartanburg County, Boiling Springs

    Spartanburg County, Boiling Springs
  8. wolfast

    were at in SC are you from??

    were at in SC are you from??
  9. wolfast

    Orbiter in 20 years

    off topic.... but your from SC also? wow Years of Orbiter ... and your the first Ive ran into!!!! Oh...on topic, I hope Orbiter is around in 10 years in some form.... but 20? the question should be what will computers be like in 20 years???
  10. wolfast

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    agreed!!!:) this way you can EVA the crew in the atmosphere if you have a major problem with the craft.