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  1. donatelo200

    Problem Earth night pixeled glitch

    I don't see any issue on those screens. Could be something with your monitor or resolution settings?
  2. donatelo200

    Fictional Exoplanet creation

    I wouldn't call SE a direct competitor to orbiter yet. Orbiter is focused on space flight mechanics while SE is focused on the universe/planetarium aspects. It's more of a competitor to Celestia imo. I do love SE though and actually helped create the default planet colorings for it.
  3. donatelo200

    Space Engine – Free Universe Simulator

    It's fun seeing one of my screenshots making it to the store page. :cool:
  4. donatelo200

    Question Relativistic speed question

    No, if you traveled at 0.9999999999 c to Alpha Centauri it would take ~4.37 years from Earth's perspective. However, from your perspective, it would take just over two days.
  5. donatelo200

    News Nasa Finds 7 Rocky planets in 1 star system

    Add-on you say? I might take a crack at it.
  6. donatelo200

    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    I just got it and looks like I'm going to sink to many hours in.... VR makes the time black hole even worse...
  7. donatelo200

    Hardware La.. Quickie Question - Your Graphics card

    CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K GPU: Asus Strix GTX 1080 Vram: 8GB Ram: 16GB I like to run games at 120Hz so it was necessary I swear! :shifty:
  8. donatelo200

    Problem Pltex does not create an .Tex file

    Well in any case here is me running a test map for you to see how I do it. Edit: Well it seems to have been resized and illegible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Screenshot (6)

    Screenshot (6)

  10. donatelo200

    Problem Pltex does not create an .Tex file

    Is the bitmap a 24 bit one? Others aren't supported as far as I remember. Also if you're making the planet textures with refection and/or night lights the images used must be the same size.
  11. donatelo200

    Problem Pltex does not create an .Tex file

    Are your textures in powers of 2? Ie. 4096X2048 pixels and are the images being used .bmp files?
  12. donatelo200

    OHM Frontier: 55 Cancri

    I know this is an older add-on now but the link is down and I'd much like to add it to orbiter again. I got a new PC this year and I cant find my backup for this add-on.
  13. donatelo200

    Poll Browser performance testing

    I have used chrome and have done two runs on each. Windows 10 Pro 64bit CPU Intel Core i7-4790k 4000 MHz 16Gb RAM Dhrystone Benchmark, Version 2.1 Calibrating... Primary run with nr=6122449... Done. Dhrystones per Second: 2045589.375209 Dhrystone score: 1164.251210 Dhrystone Benchmark...
  14. donatelo200

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Haha yea college has been brutal so any work on this stuff is painfully slow. Plus mine-craft has also been pulling away my time. :lol:
  15. donatelo200

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Some more screwing around with planets. :) Also are gray-scales usable in the orbiter beta? Because it would be really neat to test these planets out in it.
  16. Darwin and it's moons

    Darwin and it's moons

  17. large crater on Loma

    large crater on Loma

  18. Flying over Loma

    Flying over Loma

  19. donatelo200

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    This scene just struck me as I was testing some terrain.
  20. Nice view of Darwin

    Nice view of Darwin