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    Question What games are you playing?

    A bit of this and that...
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    General Question Decompiling a dll

    Long time since I played with a DLL, but IIRC... The first function would be the entry function. I think it's called a constructor in c++ and other RADs. This function sets up all the DLL internal control variables. There should be an function/procedure export table there somewhere. The...
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    General Question Decompiling a dll

    The normal Assembly language. IDA has released a later version as freeware. A DLL is nothing more than 'object code' Your code links to it by querying a function via the Kernel ( Colonel ;) ) If successful the query returns a 'Function address' which is nothing more than a procedure. Your code...
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    News Where And How Did You Learn C++?

    A light diversion... If you really want know what's going on.:thumbup:
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    Updates China's Chang’e-4 Lunar Landing Mission

    Is there any real time video footage ?
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    News UK plans spaceport by 2020.

    I'd think the UK has more pressing problems (like NHS.. etc) than Crowd-Funding, promotional videos. It'll be cheaper and more sensible to rent time from Kourou. :tiphat:
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    Do we see into the future in ORBITER?

    Yet, GUT is so far away ;) We can predict, but we still don't know why/how ! Lightspeed is not constant ;)
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    Do we see into the future in ORBITER?

    Do we know that as absolute (lightspeed was thought to be finite), as we has very little understanding how gravity works at present, besides the obvious attraction. ?
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    Astrophysics Studies

    :cheers::cheers::cheers: 3x Distinctions and 1x lower mark - said he could have worked harder on it. Says that it puts him in line for 'specialist' courses from 2nd year onwards.. something like that.. :thumbup: Ohhh yeahhhhhh. :)
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    LIGO, how do they know?

    They actually have no idea where the signals came from except for the certainty of the last gravitational lensing (if this effect is valid), which of course, could be completely in the opposite direction.... think about it :thumbup:
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    News Alan Bean RIP

    Actually No.. Bart was on the mark ;) It's just that Alan and Niel were beyond him wrt to confidential (Top Secret) information. :thumbup: Buzz gave the game away with his reactions..
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    News F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation.

    I'm sure everyone must have noticed that this is most likely against limited defense capability targets (Nothing wrong with that - always strike with advantage). Real shyte will happen when you come up against the Russians or Chinese... don't get to excited yet. ;)
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    News Alan Bean RIP

    He looked like a nice guy.. From what I've seen on UTube, He and Armstrong are the only ones that handled Bart Sibrel's piercing interviews with intelligence. RIP
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    Malaysian airlines aircraft "shot down", SA-11 apparently

    RT are saying that they are ignoring eye-witness events and relying on social media for proof !! Interesting to say the least.
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    News F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation.

    No videos.. it didn't happen :thumbup:
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    Astrophysics Studies

    The boy has cracked his first year.. We're looking at 70+ aggregate... A few hiccups here and there but great stuff overall. He's decided to go more into Theoretical Physics :thumbup: :woohoo:
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    News NASA's 'fear' of the moon !
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    What music are you listening to?

    Not what I'm listening to now, but it was the music of my surfing time and stamped in ye olde brain.. The age of freedom before the government ruined your life..
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    News Russia ceding commercial launch market to SpaceX?

    Bet they didn't think much about shipping costs :lol: All those small tallies that eventually mount up to equal one rocket launch cost.. ;) So a recycled (and reliably dubious ) stage could cost you double than what's peddled. This is where NASA and it's 'Deep Pockets' (Ahem cough cough - your...