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    Operation Dynamo 80 years on.

    It's quite disturbing to see the differences in Wikipedia articles depending on the language ... In English: In French (Google translated):'ultimatum :rolleyes:
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    Thermal radiation and water freezing

    The first part of the calculus with the integration is beyond my math skills so I had to ask for help to a friend of mine. He eventually found the same results as yours. Things are clearer for me now. This is very interesting and I've learnt. Thanks very much to you all.:cheers:
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    Thermal radiation and water freezing

    :lol: Surely not. I would have to calculate the freezing time of the astronaut. ---------- Post added at 20:43 ---------- Previous post was at 20:01 ---------- Oops! I didn't know that. Your remark led me to find these articles:
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    Thermal radiation and water freezing

    I'm referring to this brilliant post from Jedidia: "Spacecraft design for dummies" and particularly this part in the thermodynamics chapter: Reading this made me wonder what would happen if a rude astronaut litters a...
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    Humor For an out-of-this world holiday, Papoose Lake Resort

    Once zoomed on the area 51 with Google Maps, the Street View little character turns into a flying saucer. :lol:
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    News Aeroplane makes emergency landing on Devon beach.

    The Morane-Saulnier logo is clearly visible on the nose side: Looks like an MS 315:
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    Updates Venus Express News

    Yes. Here it is: Shukra_Venus_Station_080813
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    News Explorer Henry Worsley dies in Antarctic crossing

    Could be, but a truly mountain climber and polar traveller would rather agree with this: RIP.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Reno 2015 I was in California the last 3 weeks and made a little escapade to Reno. What a show! Some photos I took of the Unlimited Gold race: Rare Bear chasing Voodoo Rare Bear and Voodoo fighting for the 2nd position Voodoo getting higher and giving up due to mechanical failure Strega...
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    Question What is the nationality of JEAN-LOUP J.M. CHRTIEN, any details ?

    In the above mentioned audio archive (in French), JLC explained that he reached the age limit of the French Administration (being a military) and thus being forced to retire. He requested the dual nationality to continue his works for the NASA. On a side note, he also married an American.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I don't want to run into a basement discussion but I'm not sure to fully understand your remark. :huh: I guess it's related to a particular stereotype about French people, but please develop (just to be aware of what I could expect the next time I go to the US).
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    Internet Testing my website's visibility

    Seems to be OK for me. :cheers:
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    General Question Loading a beacon into XR2

    This is what you're looking for: XR2 UCGO Cargo Platform v2.2 by woo482 Welcome to the forum. :cheers:
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    Flight Question Hayabusa (ion engines, slingshots)

    I'm using a combination of these 3 tools: Low Thrust Trajectory by Piper: Orbiter Navigator by Mindblast: IEAT MFD by BrianJ: IEAT MFD
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    Update TransX development

    Thank you so much for what you've done so far. I sincereley wish you the best for the real life... :tiphat:
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    Project Low-Thrust Trajectory Planner

    Thank you so much for this tool.:tiphat: A little compatibility issue I guess: impossible to launch the program or load a saved files without changing the regional settings (commas for decimal are causing a crash).
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    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    Landing gear: It seems that the msh file is not included in the IMS package (didn’t realized that because I just overwritten the old dll of my IMS install). You can get the missing file here Lifeboat deck: as previously pointed...
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    Discussion Orulex revival?

    I can't imagine a suborbital flight without orulex, so anything that could make it more compatible and stable would be welcomed (even if it's not DX9 compatible for now). :cheers:
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    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    Yes thats right, I added attachment points manually in the integrated vessels cfg. No problem. and ;)
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    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    Boosters are attached like any other module, but cannot be integrated. You can control them through the Boosters MFC: By the way Jedidia, the "Black Hole Bug" still happens when I'm firing the boosters. I only had time to...