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    OHM Avatar Planetary System

    It's done. Can I post this?
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    OHM Avatar Planetary System

    Hallelujah Mountains Flexer, besides being very grateful for your addon, I ask permission to complete the PANDORA moon with my hallelujah mountains. I can do it, would you mind if I worked on those mountains? Thanks for all. My e-mail: [email protected]
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    General Question Damage control

    (maybe a SDK or C++ question) Hello everyone, I see that UMMUs can fix damaged engines using the action area system. Has anyone ever been able to use this system to repair a damaged craft? In the ummu docs says it is possible, but I've never seen it on any ship. I do not know if it's .dll...
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    The Martian

    Here a picture of the scenario THE MARTIAN under development: Poor Matt Damon under the antenna debris and the escape vehicle liftoff left him behind
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    OHM Hermes - Solar Exploration Vessel (Beta)

    Can I use your ship? Hello lethal_d0se, I would ask your permission to use your ship HERMES to make a new add-on (THE MARTIAN). It would be only a test scenario for a better version in the near future, and your ship is what most resembles reality. I await your reply, E-mail for contact...
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    [PT] Reunindo a comunidade Orbinauta que fala português!

    Só no seu Acho que é só no seu. No meu aparecem, e são bem realistas.
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    [PT] Reunindo a comunidade Orbinauta que fala português!

    Cenário completíssimo do Armageddom Mais alguém curte fazer a corrida de papa-léguas do armageddom? (Cenário incompleto ainda, mas em 2015 ainda lançarei se o autor do x-71 der a permissão):thumbup:
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    OHM X-71

    Can I upgrade? liber, I Request permission for use your x-71 to post a new scenario. Your ship is amazing, is perfect for the my new scenario. Thanks ...