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  1. Zachstar

    Gemini Golden Jubilee Upgrade

    Does this mean your work will allow me to have a Lunar Gemini on top of a Saturn V/N1 Frankenstein Velcro rocket? Okay I'll stop. The AI crew members part sounds very interesting to me. A way to add "life" to Orbiter missions in my opinion.
  2. Zachstar

    Discussion Will the SpaceX push to reusability make ArianeSpace obsolete?

    I think this is a bit unfair in my opinion. While it is true that large amounts of NASA money is involved in the Falcon 9 development. I highly doubt that much is involved in the commercial launches except to pay for any testing involved with the latter crewed launches. And to be frank it is...
  3. Zachstar

    General Question Doubt about the future Orbiter

    Seems quite reasonable in my opinion. I am sorry if this has already been asked and/or answered. However is there any possibility of procedural generation of terrain for those who rather not download the terrain pack?
  4. Zachstar

    Discussion Should SpaceX create a larger engine to reduce the number of engines of the Falcon 9?

    It is also possible that the engine's fate is more tied to that of the rumored "BFR" or "Big *censored* rocket" That they are working on.
  5. Zachstar

    Project Another Apollo Project

    Very pretty! I cant wait to see what you have in store for the VC of the CM.
  6. Zachstar

    Updates Orbital Sciences' Cygnus CRS Flight 1 through Flight 8 updates.

    Well at the very least it means that we have a backup for cargo to the station. And that of course means we can rely on Progress launches less and less.
  7. Zachstar

    Discussion Will the SpaceX push to reusability make ArianeSpace obsolete?

    SpaceX has a limit on how fast they can launch safely just like any other company. And with 4k Video on the horizon it means the need for newer birds will grow. There is going to be plenty of launch contracts for everyone in my opinion. Well except Proton.
  8. Zachstar

    Updates NASA Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap)

    It all depends really. Yes a very experienced astronaut would be a better choice especially to gain better quality feedback that is relevant for future missions. However, Politics does not equal reality. It may indeed be better for Musk to go up on the first flight as one of the three to...
  9. Zachstar

    Update TransX development

    It is a bit overkill for KSP anyway. I just like to plan my missions without 8k of wasted DV and had thought "If only we had TransX for KSP" Ah well KSP has a good set of navigation mods. And I love your addons. It is like you can read my mind from years ago when I messed with Orbiter on a near...
  10. Zachstar

    Update TransX development

    Can I haz TransX for KSP plz? :idea: That aside I am glad to see progress being made. The auto-min function tempts me to install Orbiter again. Send data to Launch MFD makes me want to play with the Velcro rockets again.
  11. Zachstar

    Updates NASA Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap)

    It is in SpaceX's best interest in my opinion to launch the manned version as soon as they legally and safely are able to. Congress is so shortsighted that they can't seem to understand that funding this now means saving later and money being spent on US Jobs not 60+ million per seat to...
  12. Zachstar

    Scott Manley (finally) plays Orbiter !

    KSP stooge? You realize that kind of talk is validating the negative view towards the orbiter community right. Want to know what I find not entertaining but mind numbingly annoying? Watching an Orbiter addon project for months before it dies... over... and over... and over again.... In my...
  13. Zachstar

    Scott Manley (finally) plays Orbiter !

    The next time anyone cares to laugh about the lack of "realism" of Stock KSP please ask them to land on a random point on Orbiter's moon.. Or mars... or almost anywhere. Yes you can't "play" Orbiter like you do KSP. *Cough* Delta Glider *Cough* However there is a point where the Magic of...
  14. Zachstar

    Having fun in the mountains ...

    I am glad to see the first official steps of real terrain for Orbiter. It makes so much difference when landing on the Mun in KSP compared with landing on the current moon in Orbiter. In my opinion (Well my case of using Orbiter) I personally would prefer if the engine could create procedurally...
  15. Zachstar

    Project Kosmos-3M

    My opinion is that there is not too much point to getting very detailed on the bay just yet. Perhaps once OVP matures and you can use more effects (Moar Maps!) It will be worth it yet for now in my opinion a good Velcro DLL adaption and payloads would be a better use of your time.
  16. Zachstar

    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    I am surprised nobody has mentioned this here yet. A newer Kickstarter for a new Elite Elite: Dangerous With Kickstarter now allowing UK based projects this seems to be on track to be one of the most funded games in Kickstarter...
  17. Zachstar

    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    I do not blame the actor for Anakin. I think he did the best he could for the absolutely HORRID role he was given.
  18. Zachstar

    Gaming Roberts Space Industries: Star Citizen

    What is wrong with that? It makes the game look interesting in my opinion. Yes that is not exactly realistic but it adds the tradeoff element that these games need. Also I hope the game truly allows for a combined arms approach instead of a one man army (space navy fighter whatever) Similar to...
  19. Zachstar

    Update Deepstar development

    DLL is the future anyway. Sc and multi no longer seem to be updated so ways to go DLL are best regardless of OVP status. In my dream orbiter world there would be a tool that can build the entire addon from launchpad, Velcro Launcher, Spacecraft, and various systems into a nice package of dlls...
  20. Zachstar

    Giant Hurricane Sandy

    Keep safe . Watch that cable like a hawk.