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  1. Bendarr

    Request North American/Rockwell C-1057

    That thing is so ugly that it wraps right around the scale and goes straight into the "Glorious" end of things. I love it.
  2. Bendarr

    Request Arrow Docking Adaptor

    I dunno. I kinda like the concept of "Othership" Person A: "Well, we've got this ship, and that ship and an Othership." Person B: "You mean Mother ship right?" Person A: "Nah, look at the styling and engineering. It's something other than a normal vessel."
  3. Bendarr

    Idea Extended "planetarium mode" graphics

    Yes! Please!
  4. Bendarr

    Coolhand, tried to send you a PM but it said you have no space. I'll check back often to see if...

    Coolhand, tried to send you a PM but it said you have no space. I'll check back often to see if there is.
  5. Bendarr

    News Iran Has a Dancing, Humanoid Robot

    Too obvious of a joke so I let it be. :)
  6. Bendarr

    Idea Space Derelic (not space debris)

    I can see it now. You fly up in a DGIV for an initial scouting mission. You dock. UMMU out and enter. Go down a very long dark spiraling staircase looking for a light switch or something. Then in the dark...... you get run over by a bot. Sigh. Restart scenario.
  7. Bendarr

    Question Makeshift oxygen producing device?

    I remember as a kid cracking water using a transformer from a HO scale race car track. Just make sure you vent the Hydrogen. I don't know it that would be enough production or not.
  8. Bendarr

    OHM XR 2 German Military

    Not quite. The planes back then were subsonic. Imagine what the shock wave from a mach plus XR2 could do to a squadron of craft as it simply flys through at mach 4, 5 or whatever? Wouldn't need a weapon, the plane would BE the weapon.
  9. Bendarr

    Request InterSTELLAR vessel

    No second ship needed for it. You would use something like a lunar mounted mass driver to fire your pellets. Once you have a stream of them laid out you launch the ship, it uses a bussard ramscoop to not only scoop up fuel pellets but also gas as it travels along. Basicly an enriched Bussard...
  10. Bendarr

    Request InterSTELLAR vessel

    I have some memories of being involved a number of years ago with a website called "The Lunar institute of technology" the site went defunct a number of years ago and some pages are missing but one concept they were working on was a Enriched Bussard Ram...
  11. Bendarr

    Challenge Old School stuff

    Well, decided to play my own challenge. It took me two "flips" to get in the neighborhood of the moon and then a third to achieve orbit. I am a little proud of myself though, it took only one flip to get from the moon to a orbit around the earth. All in one shot.
  12. Bendarr

    Poll Choose your favorite Tex film

    In my case it was such a close call between Reflections and Apollo 11 remastered that it was hard to choose. I had to go with Reflections. Both have excellent Musical scores and visually very nice. The only reason that I would give Reflections the edge is that while listening I can sorta...
  13. Bendarr

    Challenge Old School stuff

    I'll need to pass on your challenge since I haven't figured out how to dock yet using the MFDs yet so yes I admit that it's automatically beyond my skill level.
  14. Bendarr

    General Question Help a Beginner: no sound + shuttle controls?

    Please remember this is just a very loose way that I do things. One thing I did in order to help me out was watch some video tutorials and I used the DGIV autopilot for ascent a few times. During the flight, I took notes as far as when it lowers the nose etc. Now I don't need the autopilot...
  15. Bendarr

    Challenge Old School stuff

    Inspired by a post I made in another thread I decide to make it official. Here are my thoughts, the Orbitnaut uses a lot of MFDs in their typical flight. Let's go back in time (aka 1950's Robert Heinlein for example) and see if people can do without. The conditions: 1) A DGIV parked on KSC...
  16. Bendarr

    General Question Help a Beginner: no sound + shuttle controls?

    You could do it the way that I do if say I'm going to the moon. Take a hint from the old 50's SF (which actually works in this case). First make sure you have unlimited fuel (makes things easier). Get into orbit. Point the nose of your ship at whatever your target is. Go full throttle and...
  17. Bendarr

    Orbiter demotivators

    It's a Mysteron who has to wear an eyepatch thus the single ring. (chuckle)
  18. Bendarr

    Internet Sci-Fi Airshow

    CGI I believe. Especially the shots showing some in flight. Edit to add. Love the site!
  19. Bendarr

    Project Sanger Silverbird

    An interesting design. You say it's a German suborbital design. Where from?
  20. Bendarr

    Martin Schweiger Interviewed!!

    A very nice interview. It gives a good look at how Martin thinks.