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  1. pegasusairandspace

    DX7 on WIndows 10

    Hello all. I recently got myself a windows 10 laptop in 64 bit and has been rather powerful and fast lately. I generally use various versions of D3D9 (depending on addon preference) and this gives me perfect performance. However...there are those few missions such as the project R7 addons that...
  2. pegasusairandspace

    OHM Soyuz v1.0

    I understand how to land using the pre-set scenarios but here's the problem: If I'm flying at a different altitude, then the conditions for burn can become inaccurate. Is there no particular information I can be given to help me plan a reentry from any height at the 1.6 degree angle it comes in...
  3. pegasusairandspace

    OHM Black Arrow

    This is exceptionally dated now, but I found that downloading the R-7 packages seemed to work for some reason. I did notice a stage 2 in there. I think that somehow fixes it.
  4. pegasusairandspace

    MapMFD Switching back from legacy to the new version of the MFD

    Hey there. I know this is a rather old post but I had this problem recently and there was no other reference to this. I found that the line appears to vanish, but is in fact moved to 'Logical parameters'. Simply remove the line altogether, open Orbiter but to be sure, don't fly anything. While...
  5. pegasusairandspace

    OHM Black Arrow

    Where is Stage 2.dll? I find that during stage 2 sep, the sim crashes, why?