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  1. craigh

    Poll Would you go to space?

    In a heartbeat, in any way possible, to just about any destination. I've had the dream kicking around since the Gemini Program...some of my earliest TV memories. My wife and kids wouldn't be exactly happy about it....actually, they might like the break! Craig H
  2. craigh

    Idea Space: 1982

    No time at the moment to dig up references but as I recall, there's been quite a bit of design work done on nukes that burn on the unused radioactives in today's spent fuel rods. There's two or three reactor types, I believe. End result, a lot less waste to deal with long term. That would be...
  3. craigh

    Idea ISV Venture Star (Avatar)

    Question: Does anyone know of a good standalone freeware viewer for the ISV Venture Star and Valkyrie zip files in the post above? Thanks ahead of time. craigh
  4. craigh

    Project Sasquatch - Heavy Duty Scifi Rover / Explorer

    Ouch! So much for the crews spines, pelvises, and jellied guts.
  5. craigh

    Project Sasquatch - Heavy Duty Scifi Rover / Explorer

    Yet another super-cool concept! Since you're looking at ideas and input...Would it be possible to post some images of the lower wheeled section by itself? Maybe lowered so we can see what the ground clearance is like? I'm seeing an awfully difficult ergonomic entrance/egress on that machine...
  6. craigh

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I was burning time and snooping around old screen shots. A posting by River Crab back on November 24 reminded me of a skin I did a while back. CraigH
  7. craigh

    Question sketchup scaling is wrong

    Grover, I seem to have that problem too. I primarily operate in AutoCAD using real world 1:1 dimensions. Everything that I import from Sketch-up is waaaaayyy to small. Ditto on files I've experimented with when I've tried converting to the orbiter mesh format. CraigH
  8. craigh

    What kind of add-on do you think would change Orbiter forever?

    Would the batteries survive in a vacuum? Would the Mission Controllers get a tad pissed when somebody takes five to play while on a walk? When I posted the the thought of an I-Pod ap, I figured there's probably a number of young code savy folks in this community that know a LOT more than I on...
  9. craigh

    What kind of add-on do you think would change Orbiter forever?

    If it hasn't been listed yet....a highly simplified HD ap version for my I-Pod! Launch, get into orbit, and reentry/land. Sync and dock with the ISS would be cool but probably asking for too much. Maybe two ships built in. The DG and one proposed near future "real space" vehicle. Couldn't...
  10. craigh

    Idea An Interesting Trek Base

    I was surfing around looking for something else and ran into the following: Might be an interesting place to use in Orbiter... Not a request, call it an idea generator/inspiration piece. Just add someone interested in...
  11. craigh

    Request Semi Transparent Trust Texture

    I was watching a couple videos of vertical takeoff aircraft and wondered if it would be possible to create that transparent, turbulent jet blast as an exhaust texture. Preferably with a dust kicking effect added in. There have been any number of add-ons over the years that might benefit...
  12. craigh

    What kind of add-on do you think would change Orbiter forever?

    Artlav, I'm backing up to your post #67 in this string regarding Noone's Visosad. In lay-person's terms (I'm NOT a programmer)...what would it take for core integration? Also, what were the hurdles that prevented continued development? I remember when Visosad was originally being discussed...
  13. craigh

    What kind of add-on do you think would change Orbiter forever?

    Interesting thread. Quite a few responses confusing Evolutionary and Revolutionary...though it would be cool to have a Fight Simulator near ground experience coupled seamlessly with the spaceflight experience. Personally: I'd really like to see the big brains of this outfit get together and...
  14. craigh

    Project Orbiter Colonizer Project Development

    Juanelm, Fantastic idea! I was thinking along similar lines a while back but without the skill-set to pull it off... A couple questions and maybe thoughts: As one is acting as the CEO with presumably the ability to get in and do the work (fly/drive), how does the flight management work? Does...
  15. craigh

    Hi, I'm trying to locate JH who created the BBC Pegasus model for Orbiter. You've done an...

    Hi, I'm trying to locate JH who created the BBC Pegasus model for Orbiter. You've done an addition. Basically, I've been playing with his mesh while learning Google Sketch-up and I would like to talk to him about his work. If it works out, I'll be learning about configs, etc. to take care of...
  16. craigh

    Hi, I'm trying to get hold of "JH" who made the BBC Pegasus. I've been messing with his mesh...

    Hi, I'm trying to get hold of "JH" who made the BBC Pegasus. I've been messing with his mesh in Sketch-up and would like to speak to him about the ship. If the modification of the mesh works out, I'd like to share it with him and maybe the community. IF I can figure out the animations. I've...
  17. craigh

    Problem Kill Rotation autopilot alway on

    Hate to say it but I'm having the Killrot problem too. It's on whenever I use Rotational (Not Translation) Number Pad, Prograde/RetroGrade, Horiz level. Deleted my 2010 install, did a fresh download and reinstall. I'll have to run through and see what I've added on already (like a dummy I...
  18. craigh

    Request Shuttle lander from movie Avatar

    All, You may also take a look at this thread: Addon Requests: ISV Venture Star (Avatar) The Sketch-up model was located back then (as was the partial Venture Star (ish) ship. I got a blanket approval from the Shuttle modeler for the...
  19. craigh

    Idea ISV Venture Star (Avatar)

    I've received a reply from the creator of the Avatar Shuttle, it's OK to use the sketch-up model: "sure u can use it can you please send me some images when its done id-like to see it" aurthurs92@.... We'll have to be sure to send copies as a courtesy, give credit, etc. CraigH
  20. craigh

    Idea ISV Venture Star (Avatar)

    All, Just found a Google Sketch-up model of the shuttle in Avatar. Not a perfect rendition, but pretty nice and way more than "good enough" and quite than suitable for Orbiter. Some of the other...