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  1. 8bitgamer13

    Hi CigDriver, I can imagine that people are asking you this a lot, but do you ever plan to...

    Hi CigDriver, I can imagine that people are asking you this a lot, but do you ever plan to continue your Hyperdart, and will we ever see a release of the FDL-5? I think the FDL5 looks fantastic from what I've seen, and I'm greatly impressed by the intricacy of the Hyperdart. However, if you...
  2. 8bitgamer13

    Problem Onscreen Text in D3D9?

    What I mean is that, for example, when I press F8 on the CTV so as to bring up the crew menu, the text that should be there doesn't display. All the keys and functions still work, but I can't see what I'm doing. It's the same case for Energy and everything else- everything works perfectly save...
  3. 8bitgamer13

    Problem Onscreen Text in D3D9?

    I'll have a play with the d3d9 settings and see if something works, since that's all I can think of for now. All I know at this point is that text works in orbiter.exe, but not in orbiter_ng.exe.
  4. 8bitgamer13

    Problem Onscreen Text in D3D9?

    Some addons, such as Well and NoMatter's CTV/ATV/LTV, Kulch's Energia, and UMMU (probably UGCO too, haven't checked yet/don't remember) have onscreen text and graphics, typically for managing crew, life support etc. What I've noticed is that this text doesn't seem to be compatible with the D3D9...
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    OHM GPS IIF-4 (AV039)

    Is it possible to add custom payloads to the rocket?
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    OHM Dnepr Launch Vehicle

    I'm by no means saying you have to do this, and I don't have any expectations for you to, but how would you feel about doing an addon for the Rockot launcher? All your addons are such high quality, and I feel that the only addons out there to replicate it feel either unfinished or are very old...
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    Problem Orbiter Simulations Fail on Start

    How do I enumerate devices? I'm guessing i have to get the computer to re-detect the graphics hardware after updating.
  8. 8bitgamer13

    Problem Orbiter Simulations Fail on Start

    Hi all, after installing the latest windows 10 update, orbiter's (2010p1) been crashing or freezing on startup. More specifically, whenever I start up orbiter.exe it freezes when a scenario starts up, and whenever I select and start a scenario in orbiter_ng.exe the program immediately CTDs. I'm...
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    OHM Fly-By-Wire 0.9 beta

    Would it be possible for me to configure this so as to operate two sticks, one for rotation and the other for translation (as in Soyuz)?
  10. 8bitgamer13

    OHM Vostok v1.1 (for external graphic clients)

    It was a while ago, but i can remember pretty well that I didn't intend to send the message twice. I don't fully recall what happened, but I was given some kind of error that made me think that the comment hadn't come through, so I sent the same message twice by accident.
  11. 8bitgamer13

    XR-2 Soviet-Style "Orlan" Skin 2017-11-13

    This skin for the XR-2 is styled after Buran, the Soviet space shuttle. With it, the XR-2 looks very at home at Baikonur, or on the back of Kulch's fantastic Energia! Unzip into your Orbiter folder. Comments and feedback are welcome!
  12. 8bitgamer13

    OHM Dnepr Launch Vehicle

    Slight graphical problem- the spent stages don't seem to fall away so much as they disappear. I've seen this in addons for 2006, but never before in addons for Orbiter 2010. Any ideas as to how this can be fixed? Also: great addon! :thumbup:
  13. 8bitgamer13

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Soviet XR-2 Livery Currently working on a Buran-style XR-2, "Orlan" (Eagle). I still have to add details for RCS ports, burns, radiator flaps, bay doors and some aligning. Still, thoughts so far?
  14. 8bitgamer13

    OHM ENERGY project, release 4

    No, I used the scenario that had the default DG attached. I tried installing it on Orbiter 2006 (I kept it for project mercury) and got very similar results. Also, apologies for asking an on-the-side question, but do you know if I'm in violation of OF's rules if I create a new account for the...
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    Question Ranger (and other ships) from Interstellar?

    Is this project dead?
  16. 8bitgamer13

    OHM ENERGY project, release 4

    Why does orbiter CTD when I remove a booster, and is it possible to fly the Energia without boosters/with a custom configuration? EDIT: "--------------------------------------------------------------- >>> WARNING: Obsolete API function used: oapiGetStationCount At least one active module is...
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    Hi, Jaquesmomo- Is it all right by you if I edit the blue streak rocket/stage so that it is somewhat more true to life? (I intend to change the nose cone to the original slightly-flattened light cone seen in all its photos, as well as hollow out an engine compartment which I can recede part of...
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    Error D3D9 Client error on O2010p1: The procedure entry point ?ElevationGrid@GraphicsCli...

    Upgrade? I'm currently using D3D9Client 2016 Edition R2.1, which is the latest version. EDIT- Hold on- it seems that's for Orbiter 2016. I'll try the R15 version. EDIT 2- It's working now- thanks.
  19. 8bitgamer13

    Error D3D9 Client error on O2010p1: The procedure entry point ?ElevationGrid@GraphicsCli...

    Hi, I've been having some problems with D3D9- After having installed it, I opened up Orbiter_ng.exe and went to activate the module. When I did that, however, I was greeted with a dialog presenting me with the following error: "The procedure entry point...
  20. 8bitgamer13

    OHM Blue Streak Woomera Patch

    Still doesn't seem to work. I'm using the legacy Orbiter 2006 P-1 mind you- I kept it for Project Mercury 5.0.