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  1. hypersonic

    Orbiter is now open source

    If only the 'old' Vespucci D could be made compatible again... sigh
  2. hypersonic

    Question Ranger (and other ships) from Interstellar?

    Hi gattispilot Firstly i do apologise. Shortly after i started this thread a close family member was diagnosed with a serious illness, and alas subsequently passed away. A difficult time for all, which has kept me away from many things, including Orbiter. However I have to say you have done...
  3. hypersonic

    Orbiter 2016

    HUGE Congratulations Martin!! - Perhaps another Meet-up Beer is in order!!? - Only been 10 years since the last one ;-) Al
  4. hypersonic

    Question Ranger (and other ships) from Interstellar?

    Hi to all you superb developers. I'm just curious (I'm not a developer myself). Whilst I've found a thread about someone developing the star 'system' from the Interstellar movie. But is anyone here who specialises in Ships, working or planning to work on making the Ranger ship from the film...
  5. hypersonic

    Legacy add on issues

    Being a die hard Vespucci D fan - I would love to see some work around to make it 'visible' in 2010. Alas due to the DLL source being lost, it will never be update-able... I understand that it would have to be Orb 2010 re-introducing some legacy functionality to make Vespucci D visible again...
  6. hypersonic

    Orbiter 2006 launchpad error message starting to appear...

    Hi folks, I have an Orbiter 2006 install that i fly in quite a bit due to Vespucci not being 2010 compatible. However, despite this i have not added or altered anything in months... yet despite this. I am now suddenly getting an error message pop up when the Launchpad is run: The orbiter...
  7. hypersonic

    Downloading Orbiter 2006 Hires Earth Textures

    Hi llarian, I understand that, but it doesn't answer the real question of.. IS IT possible reverse engineer the DLL?
  8. hypersonic

    Downloading Orbiter 2006 Hires Earth Textures

    Authors and editing freeware... Hi, Are the initial contributors of the Vespucci D (Omegaspace, John McCain and Nectioch), Still present on the Orbiter forums? - Either as these user names or as 'new' names? I would think that if they have 'gone' or at least not contactable, that changes...
  9. hypersonic

    Downloading Orbiter 2006 Hires Earth Textures

    Splendid.. Many thanks for the pointers.. All fixed now :-D Any thoughts on my 'other' question.. Being.. How hard' would it be with current developer tools to 'reverse engineer' Vespucci D's DLL now, in order to re-construct it and thus edit it, to not only make it 2010 & future compatible...
  10. hypersonic

    Downloading Orbiter 2006 Hires Earth Textures

    Hi all, Like some here, i still use 2006, as alas my ship of choice (Vespucci D) is no longer compatible with 2010, unless someone can reverse engineer the DLL & make the changes, so that it is... (There does seem to be some tools out there now that might be capable).. Any programmers out their...
  11. hypersonic

    Back after a long away...

    Greetings! Can i assume you are the same guy who designed Vespucci?
  12. hypersonic

    Orbiter 2006 - Anyone still using it?

    Hi there, How many of you are still using Orbiter 2006? - Example reason being, a favourite add-on or spacecraft isn't compatible with 2010 and/or no longer supported? Just Curious Hyper.
  13. hypersonic

    Martin: What are your plans for Orbiter?

    Hi Martin. Just curious as to what your future aspirations for Orbiter might be, now that you've split the sim core from the Graphics.. Things like collision detection, mesh, weather..? Or perhaps Interstellar travel (modelling the stars in a 20ly radius for example (and the issues that this...
  14. hypersonic

    Orbinauts - in Space

    I had a business meeting with David Braben (who created ELITE) quite a while ago, to discuss MMORPG services. Does that count? :-D
  15. hypersonic

    FOI - Interview with Martin Schweiger

    Will the interview be in English? or Italian? Does Martin speak Italian?
  16. hypersonic

    Real time mission around the Moon on Orbiter Live Missions!

    Good Stream Congratulations on an excellent mission completion & super live stream!
  17. hypersonic

    Martin - Another Beer? - Been quite a few years since the last one :-D

    Only AgentGonzo up for a meet then?
  18. hypersonic

    Martin - Another Beer? - Been quite a few years since the last one :-D

    Well, as you may or may not know, Martin is based near Euston station... (well that's where we had the last beer/ meet). So perhaps the next possible meeting could be a little more structured. More like a mini 'event' with some PCs / laptops running Orbiter, with some workshops / presentations...
  19. hypersonic

    Martin - Another Beer? - Been quite a few years since the last one :-D

    Hi Martin, DO you recall the little meet up with managed to arrange with some other Orbiteers. It was waaay back in 2006 i think! - Far too long ago! What say you about having another beer / Meet up soon? Al :cheers: