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  1. Oceanic

    Orbiter Video Thread

    Hey Tex, that was fun to watch. Could you please share your Szenario file. I want to try that mission.
  2. Oceanic

    Tutorial ORBITER Tutorial Series for Beginners: The Application of Orbital Mechanics

    Hello Tex Long time no see :hello: I subscribed a looooooong time ago to your channel and was very happy that YouTube decided to show one of your videos on my front-page a few days ago. Binge-watched all your videos the last few days. Had to login to the forum and say thanks! Please keep...
  3. Oceanic

    Hello Again

    Hello everyone, the almighty probe brought me back :hailprobe: After so many years i can still fly :thumbup:, okay the inverted reentry from the moon with the DGIV failed miserably but this is to date the hardest think i pulled off. Really happy to see that most of the familiar usernames are...
  4. Oceanic

    Problem D3D9 Client Problems on Linux Mint 17

    i think i might have the solution, i had a similar problem today on my ubuntu 14.10 It seems you need to install the 32bit wine version even if you have a 64bit os. this guide worked for me had to change some...
  5. Oceanic

    General Question Landing Tutorials?

    yeah i know that, but if i change the panel scale the text gets really really ugly. it's pretty hard to post links on the mobile forum skin :cool: and i can assure you that link will stay in my signature, it has bee there for the last 3 years :thumbup:
  6. Oceanic

    General Question Landing Tutorials?

    self advertisement: look at my signature :cheers:
  7. Oceanic

    Flight Question Deorbiting on the Moon for base approach

    i always immediately changed the map mfd to orbital path after start :facepalm:
  8. Oceanic

    Flight Question Deorbiting on the Moon for base approach

    Hi, i need some advice. back in orbiter 2006 i used the map mfd as a guide to deorbit when approaching a moon base. the map mfd changed in 2010 and does not show the "impact" point anymore. so how can i find out when and how long i have to fire my engines to have that point somewhere near the...
  9. Oceanic

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    here you go
  10. Oceanic

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Having fun with the DG-IV
  11. Oceanic

    OHM Do you know orbiter? Emergency power up LIMP

    unfortunately this scenario is no longer on orbithangar does anyone have a copy on their hdd?
  12. Oceanic

    OHM Orbiter Add-on manager

    can't download this tool orbithangar gives my a "The specified file does not exist." Error.
  13. Oceanic

    The Probe brought me back!

    thank you all! :blush: :facepalm: i really have to catch up on everything :) the beta sounds interesting! gonna look in to that :cheers:
  14. Oceanic

    The Probe brought me back!

    Hi everyone, after a long time i am back where i belong :tiphat: Life can be complicated but eventually it sorts itself out somewhere down the road. I missed quite a lot. New Orbiter release, UCGO, DX9/DX11 Graphic Clients, the ShuttleFleet is gone (again...), TEX is no longer Admin. Time has...
  15. Oceanic

    General Question Laptop keyboard config

    give the Keybinder Wizard a try. it makes editing the keymap.cfg really easy.
  16. Oceanic

    EncounterMFD how to use encounter MFD?

    if select a base on the target planet/moon in map mfd encounter will show you the distance, closest approach & more to the base
  17. Oceanic

    Problem Whiteknight vanishing mesh issue

    i had once a similar problem with a addon for an older orbiter version. check orbiter/config/ and orbiter/config/vessel/ for 0kb files.
  18. Oceanic

    OHM and Scenario Uploads - Censorship?

    every user in this thread knows orbiter in and out, i know that because most of you have released addons that i use on a daily basis. and i follow you orbiter/spaceflight discussions in awe. sometimes i need to open 1 or 2 wikipedia pages so i can understand what you are talking about. but try...
  19. Oceanic

    General Question Soyuz TMA

    i would go for the project r-7 & iss v2 soyuz tma it's more sophisticated than the other one. both thorton's and mustard's progress are equally amazing.
  20. Oceanic

    Search STS-1?

    it is included in the shuttle fleet addon