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  1. N_Molson

    General Question Specific Impulse (I_sp) for DG and Shuttle-A?

    It is very high, way above anything we have today, even ion engines. What you can try, as an experiment, is to load say 100 kg of propellant into the vessel, and, from a circular orbit, see how many m/s you get from it burning prograde or retrograde. Alternatively, Orbiter is now open-source...
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    Discussion Trees for Orbiter

    Awesome guys! :hailprobe:
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Looks much better fit for the ICBM job than the UR-500 IMHO...
  4. N_Molson

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I made a few experiments on my side, that's why I was curious. I had the exact same issues. It looks like the 'order' in which the objects are drawn don't work well with transparency (alpha-channel mapping).
  5. N_Molson

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    That palmtree is super cool. How it is textured ?
  6. N_Molson

    Question Mesh making with Anim8or

    That's relatively easy to do in Blender. Though the results may vary.
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    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    The benevolent and mighty Probe gently smiles (or beeps) at you from above ! You earned +100 Karma points. :hailprobe:
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    Internet Video Thread

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    Updates Voyager mission news

    An epic probe that definitively deserves some hailing ! :hailprobe:
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    What music are you listening to?

    Story of my life 🤷‍♂️
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    Question What games are you playing?

    So there was a sale on FS on Steam, I couldn't resist and bought the Premium package. The installation is beyond anything I experienced until now. The amount of data handled is crazy. But with patience, thorough disk-cleaning, and a glassfiber connection, I made it (circa 20 hours!). And it...
  12. N_Molson

    Gaming Orbital Margins

    At Polar Motion, I can say I'm the head of the mighty Testing Department(tm). But I'm also really involved into game design. We're 3 people. :D And, seriously, though not full-time, we're working 6 days a week, sometimes 7!
  13. N_Molson

    Question Is there a map of Mars that visual shows the placement of the Surface and Elevation tiles?

    I think Jarmonik's terrain tools could help you. AFAIK they will be a feature of Orbiter2024.
  14. N_Molson

    Gaming Space Station Designer (disclamer : might include a tiny bit of self-promotion! )

    Space Station Designer v0.5.25 is out ! On Steam : On : To put it shortly, we have...
  15. N_Molson

    Request Save State Vector to a txt file

    Yes. What might not be necessary is the graphic client.
  16. N_Molson

    SDK Question How i can Export a DLL?

    You don't export a .dll, you compile it from your source code.
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    Updates ISS UPDATES

  18. N_Molson

    Installation Orbiter 2016 on win 11 64

    For Orbiter 2016, go in the Launchpad 'Modules' tab and tick the 'D3D9 Client' box.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Awesome !