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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Is this available as an addon / based on a sci-fi story?
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    Problem Error "base not cataloged" - requesting help

    Hi all, I'm trying to chase down a bug I'm having in one large scenario with multiple addons running. Orbiter NG CTDs while the scenario is loading. The end of the log file is this: D3D9: ERROR: Base Object 0x34A6A30 = 'Myron Base' not cataloged D3D9: ERROR: Base Object 0x19686E08 = 'UCGO...
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    Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    Hardware Issues with Keyboard Commands

    What happens if you try the onscreen keyboard?
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    News Full Titan IVB now on display at AF Museum in Dayton, Ohio

    Thanks; that just went on my must-see list :thumbup:
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    Hi All...

    Welcome! :)
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    What's up!

    :welcome: It's great to have more classical-lovers around here! I've been around here for quite a few years, but don't post much anymore. I still enjoy a good Earth-Moon trip when I get the chance :)
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    News The Space Shuttle for Flightgear 3.6

    I may not be able to understand all the maths, but I'd definitely be interested in seeing it! :)
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    Welcome! :)

    Welcome! :)
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    Compiling with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE

    Would it be feasible to make a program to recompile the DLLs for addons stored on OH into 64-bit ones, and do so automatically? I have no idea about any potential licensing issues caused by this, or if you'd need access to the addons' source code(?), but I'm a bit worried by the idea of 99% of...
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    General Question Orbiter without Numpad

    I've been using this recently, works pretty well: Only problems are that it causes sound bugs with XR-2, and once in a while sticks to one mode or the other.
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    Software How to Install Orbiter 2010 on Mac OS X

    Have you tried opening one of the menus in game? For me, full-screen flickers like mad until I open a menu, then it goes away (although I can't close the menu after that :P).
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    Software How to Install Orbiter 2010 on Mac OS X

    Well this is one thing I never see Orbiter running on my Mac! Thank you! :) I'm having a few flickering issues, but haven't had time to troubleshoot them at all. I'm also having the same problems with the controls and the unclosable menus. Since I'm running this on a laptop, I...
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    Cycling / Running - Logs, Stories, & Pictures (any fellow cyclists or runners here?)

    Quick question: I have a goal of being able to run 2.4 km in less than 10.5 minutes (it works out at about 14 km/h) in about 2 months from now. Currently, I can usually (provided I don't get a stitch!) run more than that distance, but at a speed of around 9 km/h. Does anyone have any tips on...
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    News Is James Cameron launching an asteroid mining company? (Planetary Resources thread)

    Does anyone else get the feeling that something just doesn't quite add up about all this? I definitely have that, but can't work out why. The idea about an Avatar promo is interesting, but at the end of the day it seems too strange that they would get so many prominent people together and get...
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    News Reaction Engines News

    A bit of new news (sorry, couldn't resist :P) here: Nothing too exciting, although I do sort of wonder whether it's a bit premature to be moving to a new facility for the next phase of SABRE's development, when AFAIK the current phase isn't...
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    News BA recruiting.

    Loved the advert, but as always: needs more Concorde!
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Yep, us teens and our flash storage, HD phone cameras...damn life sucks :P
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    Gaming FlightGear 2.4.0 is out...

    +1,000,000,000,000 That Concorde is utterly superb. Sure, it may not be the prettiest model in the world, but I love it - and the functionality is epic! Nothing makes for a better FG scene than watching Concorde on final approach into KSFO out of the fog (looks even better on autoland, since...