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  1. kevin580

    Problem My MFD Screens are not displaying.

    Hi, I want to say that I have the same problem, but it's only since I installed the new Orbiter Beta. I tried everthing what here stands, too, but it still does not work :idk:
  2. kevin580

    Orbiter 2010 1 year anniversary

    :hailprobe: --------------- (One year ago Orbiter2010-P1 was released)
  3. kevin580

    No problem :cheers:

    No problem :cheers:
  4. kevin580

    Right-click on the info and make it Hide or Auto-Hide in the settings.

    Right-click on the info and make it Hide or Auto-Hide in the settings.
  5. kevin580

    Yes :P

    Yes :P
  6. kevin580

    OFSS III Project info and discussion.

    Forgot to say, I did the same and then changed the plane. After I was ready, the plane changed by itself :idk:
  7. kevin580

    OFSS III Project info and discussion.

    Ah, yes, I remember...After I changed the plane, it began to change by itself. What to do now? The Idea with the rescue mission sounds good.
  8. kevin580

    OFSS III - Post Flight Scenarios.

    Flight 6 Completed! BEGIN_DESC The mission is completed(I deleted the XR5 at the end) END_DESC BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System OFSS-Sol Date MJD 55903.6183140368 END_ENVIRONMENT BEGIN_FOCUS Ship Zvezda END_FOCUS BEGIN_CAMERA TARGET Zvezda MODE Extern POS 4.63 34.66 -3.73 TRACKMODE...
  9. kevin580

    OFSS III - Mission Screen Shots.

    Sorry, I am a little bit late. Internet problems... :owned: The orbital plane was changed. Beginning construction with the Sensitive Materials Lab.. Both parts are ready! Now comes P3P4/P5. (completed) Undocking confirmed! And the XR5 flys away... The XR5 before reentry... A...
  10. kevin580

    Bug URMS limit

    Has the URMS Grappled something? Then it's maybe this here: Tex posted that in the OFSS thread. It is not ending with a CTD, but maybe it is related to this here.
  11. kevin580

    OFSS III - Mission Screen Shots.

    Flight 6 The Canadian XR5 is ready to launch at Jarvis [Spasebace] for the OFSSIII-Flight 6. The XR5 is on the way into Spase :lol: View from one of the wing cameras And the XR5 is in Orbit! Now opening the Payload Bay doors... ...And saying good night. At the next (orbital) day...
  12. kevin580

    Question Netbooks

    :hesaid: I have an Acer Aspire One netbook, it does everything good. For Orbiter, it is nice, too with good quality everytime. But I like the MSI netbooks, too. They are the best ones I know, my friend has an MSI netbook, he likes it. But HP netbooks are nice, too, the only good thing that HP...
  13. kevin580

    OHM Falcon 9 - Dragon spacecraft

    You need to retract the service tower(key "F").
  14. kevin580

    OFSS III - Mission & crew schedules + pilot requests.

    I looked at the Flight Manual of OFSSIII, and now I don't understand my flight. Do I need now to transfer from KSC to Jarvis and then launch, or should I launch directly from Jarvis?
  15. kevin580

    Question Lego Rocket Addon

    Would be nice, please do it. And could you make this list aviable here, too, please? Thanks. And btw, I thought about a Lego Digital Designer to Orbiter mesh exporter :lol:
  16. kevin580

    German to English Translation - Reise Reise Chant

    You can also use "oe" (Dankeschoen).
  17. kevin580

    German to English Translation - Reise Reise Chant

    I thought the same when I heard it. One of my friends likes Rammstein, so I know that. Btw, it's "Danke schön!".
  18. kevin580

    USC: GTS-1

    Really nice! How many GTS missions are planned?
  19. kevin580

    Humor Change some letters

    Momma crashed on Luna licking an old Bottle PB.