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  1. webtek

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. webtek

    Hello from Chicago

    Welcome to the forum! :thumbup:
  3. webtek

    News Elon Musk wants to put millions of people on Mars.

    I respect that a person has visions for going to mars, but in my opinion, the main problem is time. He could talk all day about how someday, we MIGHT go to mars. If a project were to be run in the manner, the time between when it is announced and when it would be done would be too far apart...
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    Hello from MerA

    :welcome: to Orbiter-Forum!
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Can you add me? In-game name is Webtek.
  6. webtek

    General Question Inclination of planets

    I you are using IMFD, I would recommend this: Always had trouble with the playbacks, but the manual tells you what each button does. I recommend reading this after you understand the concepts, which Tommy mentioned above. Also, you might want to...
  7. webtek

    How did you find Orbiter?

    I searched "space flight simulator" on Google, and I found this. Back then, I only knew to try to get the green ellipse over the grey circle. First attempt was disastrous. :)
  8. webtek

    Humor The Demented Wish Game

    Granted. Your R/C Deltaglider burns up in reentry. I wish for a Stargate.
  9. webtek

    some girl got head trauma at sxm

    All I have to say is that no matter what, pilot error or no pilot error, it wasn't very smart to stand behind an A320 taking off.:facepalm:
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    Gaming 0x10c

    I agree. Notch seems to be trying to find the balance between realism and fun gameplay. I am not mad that he is deviating from hard science fiction. I do want to program that computer, though. :)
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    Songs to listen to while flying

    I personally like this one:
  12. webtek

    Problems With Panel R2

    Thank you, I suspected that. :tiphat:
  13. webtek

    Problems With Panel R2

    When following the checklist for the Shuttle, I have noticed that the APU AUTO SHUT DOWN, APU SPEED SELECT, and HYD CIRC PUMP switches do not function. I am using revision 1289 of SSU and I have compiled the modules using VS2010. This happens with all scenarios. My orbiter.log after running...
  14. webtek


    While I was reading the manual for the latest version of AMSO, I found out that there is some sort of IPC (Inter-Process-Communication) function that allows flight data that was programmed in the scenario get transferred to IMFD. Being a beginner with IMFD, I don't know how to access this...
  15. webtek

    Question Space Station VI

    Wow! It's coming to a good start. Keep up the good work!:thumbup:
  16. webtek

    Is Orbiter dying a slow death ???

    I don't think Orbiter is dying at all. In fact, if you go to the addon development section of this forum, you will find many amazing pieces of work in progress such as the XR2 MK2 and the G42-200.
  17. webtek

    Question Repaint Texture Mapping

    How do you map a texture to a curved spacecraft (like the XR5 or XR2) when making a repaint? I had problems with the images and text stretching on my XR5 USS Washington repaint. I was using PennyBlack's XR5 paint kit.
  18. webtek

    Hello. I make the worst pilot.

    Welcome to the forums! Don't worry, I couldn't even get into orbit when I started. Just keep practicing, and you'll get it.:thumbup:
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    Question Where can I download SSU?

    If possible, I would like to use it in Orbiter 2010-P1.
  20. webtek

    Question Where can I download SSU?

    I wanted to install the latest version of SSU(1.25, I think) and I have had no luck trying to find it. Where could it be? :hmm: