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    Flight Question Landing on the Pad at Brighton Beach

    Hover MFD really is very useful once you have got the hang of it, so don't give up. Yes, it does automatically land you on the pad of your choice. Have a look at the MFD user guide which is pretty comprehensive, but if you want to see a video then search 'Hover MFD' on YouTube and you might...
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    Problem Time Warp Causing Landed Vessel to fly into space

    Of course, the easy solution for this issue is to set the attitude thrusters to OFF before increasing the time warp.
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    Discussion Regarding limited range of planetary shadows

    I didn't characterise the shadow effect (or lack of it) very well in my first post, but I've done some flight testing since then to get a better understanding of what causes the issue. There are two parts to this :- (1) Moons and (2) Spacecraft. (1) Moons: Moons do not darken when they pass...
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    Discussion Regarding limited range of planetary shadows

    I'm sure this is already well known in the community but I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere. It is apparent that the shadows cast by planets have a very limited range of perhaps 1 or 2 planetary diameters. The effect of this is that objects (i.e. moons and spacecraft) beyond that...
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    Problem High-resolution texture packs problem

    Me Too I have been using version D3D9 R2.1 for a long time and this has recently started showing black lines carving great circles across one hemisphere of Mars, (north-south and east-west ) forming a spherical segment. This effect normally occured when viewing the whole planet. Zooming in...
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    Orbiter Server Launchpad Text Size Issue

    I hope this is an okay place to post this message. I'm using Orbiter v160828 with the D3D9 client 2016-R2-1 at a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160. There is bit of an issue regarding small text size of the scenario descriptions that are shown in the right hand pane of the Orbiter Server...
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    Problem Help with loading BaseSync :Error 126

    Thanks dbeachy1. Problem solved. :thumbup: You were spot-on by pointing out that the 32-bit version of Visual Studio 2015 redist is required. I didn't know that. Who would, apart from Orbiter software developers ? I downloaded the 64 bit version simply because the computer I have has a...
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    Problem Help with loading BaseSync :Error 126

    Hi, many thanks for the replies, I can see why the web address for the VC 2015 redist download page didn't work when I copied and pasted it into a web browser from the BaseSync description on Orbit Hanger. It contains a spurious space in the web address between ? and id. When seen in my...
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    Problem Help with loading BaseSync :Error 126

    Hi, I'm using Orbiter Build Aug 28 2016 [v.160828] which I've been using for a few weeks, and I'm in the process of collecting some essential MFD modules. I expect I'm making a rookie error somewhere but I can't get BaseSync v3.1 (2016 version) to load. After unpacking it into the Orbiter...
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    Hi Everyone from Dorset!!

    Hello fellow Orbinauts ! I've been a part time student of Orbinautics for several years and have seen the some of the evolution of this awesome collaborative project. I've only recently downloaded the latest version, plus some hi-res textures and D3D9 graphic enhancement. Plugged into a...