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  1. Delta_Glider

    Flight Question On gravity turns and other ascent / descent profiles

    Thanks I think I am going to try to script a simulation of a "launch" wherein the pilot maintains a fixed pitch relative to the horizon, say 20 degrees, for a given time, and then examine the resulting postion, velocity and mass at burnout.
  2. Delta_Glider

    General Question Specific Impulse (I_sp) for DG and Shuttle-A?

    Perfect, thanks, that explains it well. I had not looked at any documents or files in the Orbiter sdk folder.
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    Flight Question On gravity turns and other ascent / descent profiles

    Hi Orbinauts, I've just completed a lenghty study of the book Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students (Curtis). It gives great explanations for delta-V computations of various orbital maneuvers we are all familiar with. However, on the question of ascent profiles, there is only a small...
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    General Question Keyboard controls for Aux engines for Shuttle-A

    Hi Orbinauts, I would like to have the auxiliary engines of the Shuttle-A have keyboard controls similar to the main engines (e.g. Ctrl+ +, Ctrl + -); is this possible? I can probably figure it, but would just like to know if this is possibe before I start digging. Kind regards
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    General Question Specific Impulse (I_sp) for DG and Shuttle-A?

    Hi Orbinauts, I am doing some practice flight planning from first-principles, i.e. using my own calculations with a python script and not punching numbers into MFDs. Looking at the ideal rocket equation, I'd like to know the specific impulse of the main engines of the DG and Shuttle-A, and...
  6. Delta_Glider

    Orbiter Science Fair got me 1st place in Physics!

    Congratulations, very cool If you can provide a bigger image(s), would be interested to read the details. I am thinking of making a YouTube series on orbital mechanics, aimed for an audience somewhere between high school and undergraduate engineering. Orbiter is a great way to learn all sorts...
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    Software Groundhog shadows - SOLVED

    THX! Wow, this is amazing. Landing light, cockpit instrument and flood lighting... So grown up from the 2006 version I grew up with in high school.
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    Software Groundhog shadows - SOLVED

    Greetings, space travelers! After many years away, I am dusting off my Orbiter epaulettes... Wow, so many developments since I last played Orbiter - D3D9, an open source repository, and so much more. Amazing. I am starting clean slate on a new Windows computer: Downloaded Orbiter2016 and...
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Hey everyone! 3-year old orbinaut here studying aerospace engineering in Toronto, Canada. I'd love to be a pilot or engineer (or both..)"when I grow up". As a kid i got really into aviation/space by traveling on jets on family vacations. Learned to fly in MSFS with one of Rod Machado's books...