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    Soyuz Lunar Mission

    Forwarned is forearmed. Found a great explaination of ln and e at
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    What can go wrong with a rocket

    Launch vehicle failures historically have fallen into the following categories - Engine Failure - Avionics Failure - Staging failure Engine Failure modes -propellant supply problems (engine starves of fuel) -engine failure Avionics Failure modes -software bugs -attitude sensor problems...
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    Earth-Moon L1

    Excellent question. The L1 point is not a fixed point in space, that is to say a location a specific distance from the Earth or from the Moon. The L1 point (as you no doubt have read) is where the Earth's gravitational field and the Moon's gravitational field are of equal strength If you...
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    Potential "Show Stopper" to future moon mission?

    A few of the concepts for dealing with lunar dust that I have read about. 1. Electrostatic/ionic removal. Basically an ion shower in the airlock to pick up the dust and deposit it on a charged grid 2. Magnetic brushes. A significant portion of regolith contains Iron, and can be picked up...
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    Orbiter 2006 running decently in Linux under Wine, but no keyboard

    Howdy comrades! So I run Ubuntu (9.04), and have installed Wine, and through the winetricks utility, have installed the VCRun6 that Orbiter wants. Oddly enough, I have a bare install of Orbiter running very dandily on my laptop night now. However, my only problem is that the keyboard isn't...