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  1. Hotdog

    Scenario Scenario editing - STS payload orientation

    I'm new to editing scenarios, and I'm having trouble with the orientation of the Spacelab payload in the shuttle cargo bay. Here's a screenshot. It looks like I just need to turn the Spacelab module 180 degrees, I just don't know how. I've been trying to copy/paste from other scenarios, but it's...
  2. Hotdog

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Leaving KSC and heading toward the ISS in the Delta Glider IV.
  3. Hotdog

    General Question DGIV acting funny in Orbiter2016

    Hi all, I'm using Orbiter2016 with Dan's DeltaGliderIV. When I launch any DGIV scenario, the spacecraft flies just fine, until I switch to the interior cockpit view. Then it immediately tries to fire hover and retro engines, causing a master alarm since the doors for those engines are closed...
  4. Hotdog

    Programming Question Editing Keymap.cfg for second numpad

    I have purchased this USB numpad which I want to map Orbiter sim functions to. My current keyboard has a numpad, but I do not want to use that one. How do I edit keymap.cfg to map keys to this second numpad?