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  1. Longjap

    Hardware Hardware configuration for a simming PC in 2023 ?

    I wouldn't want to recommend 4GB of RAM on anyone these days to be honest. That's just cruel.
  2. Longjap

    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    Progress on the 1st stage is going well, rocket is almost done. I redid the engines also and added lots of details to it. I also started on upgrading the textures of the ICPS and Orion capsule of @francisdrake to match the latest pictures. I hope he's ok with this. Which got me into a whole...
  3. Longjap

    Gaming No Man's Sky

    Absolutely agree on their redemption, it was a passion project for the devs and I think they got caught in the web of the big boss boys to release it early. However my personal preference would have liked to see the investment of all these dev hours into the exploration side of things...
  4. Longjap

    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    I'm running in to an issue with the particle streams which are defined in the config of the multistage 2015 rocket. Even when I define the particle stream as diffuse, it shows Emissive in sim. [PARTICLESTREAM_12] Name=SRB_exhaust_2 Srcsize=5.000 Srcrate=50.000 V0=300.000 Srcspread=0.000...
  5. Longjap

    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    Currently texturing the tank from real pictures. Lord, this is some tedious work. :) Will try normal / bump mapping next. But my modeling skills are a bit rusty after 6 years. Forgot how to use the mesh wizard, got a ton of errors. Finally got it all loaded in the sim.
  6. Longjap

    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    Since the SLS is stacked and out the FAB and we can see how it really looks, I'm currently revisiting the 3D model to make it more detailed and according the pictures I have.
  7. Longjap

    Roadmap proposal - Orbiter development

    Just my 2 cents which would improve my experiences from a user perspective: Better camera controls and modes. The camera in all the different modes doesn't behave like expect it to, or what is standard in other games/ sims. For launches, a free cam would be great. For following spacecraft...
  8. Longjap

    Orbiter is now open source

    This is great news, and I'm sure all the talented people here will usher Orbiter into a new age because of this. Can't wait to see the progress in a couple years. Thanks to Martin for everything he has done.
  9. Longjap

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Hi Fred, Amazing addon! I've been working a little with it and works great! :cheers: I have a question, I notice that when I rotate a vessel the direction of light on the object is wrong. I noticed it too when I docked two vessels together in the scenario and loaded it in game. I'm not sure...
  10. Longjap

    News Near crash landing of Luftwaffe Bombardier Global 5000 in Berlin last week

    Sounds like me forgetting to invert the Y axis in a shooter which results in me running into walls while looking at the stars, but this guy somehow adapted and shot the whole lobby to shame. Pretty impressive to bring her back in one piece.
  11. Longjap

    Question Autonomous Drones / Ships

    Hi peeps, I've a question regarding autonomous vehicles in orbiter. I was wondering if there are any addons that have vehicles that are completely automated from where I could get some inspiration. I'm thinking about creating maintenance drones for a project (starship) that I'm currently...
  12. Longjap

    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    Hey man, sounds pretty interesting! I'll send you a PM.
  13. Longjap

    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Hi guys, It seems I went missing for quite some time. Haha. Quite busy at other fronts right now. You have my permission to use the meshes and textures, cubesats and stuff. I don't have the time at the moment to continue development. But I would like the credits where credits are due and it...
  14. Longjap

    OHM FalconHeavy for Orbiter2016

    Thanks for this amazing add-on!
  15. Longjap

    Launch News SpaceX Falcon Heavy Demo Mission (1330-1630 EST 6th Feb. 2018)

    Wanted to share this surreal viewpoint of the two boosters landing with the dual sonic booms. What an amazing day peeps. abdul on Twitter: "Live footage of the #FalconHeavy landing from a friend at SpaceX… "
  16. Longjap

    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    That sounds awesome. So you've managed to get the tower and crawler to work in 2016? Cool! Let's compile an update. If you want you could send me the files so I can compile a package and put it on the front page? I have a US adapter almost done. So block 1b Orion is also almost ready for use...
  17. Longjap

    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Hi guys! It's been a while. How's everything going? Are we able to land on the moon yet? ;) ---------- Post added 04-11-17 at 09:49 AM ---------- Previous post was 04-10-17 at 09:35 PM ---------- Hey gattis, can I help out somewhere? I have some spare time ahead of me. I believe I was busy...
  18. Longjap

    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Do other projects have the same problem with the touchdown points? I thought SSU crawler experienced the same problem but the crawler of Fred18 apparently not. Have you tried more touchdown points? 5, 6, 7?
  19. Longjap

    Project Blender 2.63 + to Orbiter import/export addon

    Program Files > Blender Foundation > Blender > 2.** > scripts > addons
  20. Longjap

    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Hi! I use the excellent import / export addon by vlad. All instructions are in the thread. Importing is very simple after installing. Just click "import orbiter mesh" IIRC and navigate to the mesh you want to import. Make sure to tick the box...