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    How Are The Limits of a Star's Habitable Zone Calculated?

    Awesome. This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thank you.
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    How Are The Limits of a Star's Habitable Zone Calculated?

    I've heard the Sun's habitable zone is approximately from the orbit of Venus to the orbit of Mars. The sun-like star Beta Comae Berenices has a listed habitable zone from 0.918–1.042 AU even though it has a luminosity of 1.357 ± 0.014[7] L☉. It seems like if a star was more luminous that it's...
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    What music are you listening to?

    I've been listening to a lot of Skrillex lately. Also I've been listening to DJ AlexS and the Balloon Party album. Also I've been making music of my own!
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    Internet Video Thread

    Nothing Beats A Astronaut While watching TV I happened over this ad and just had to post it: :rofl: Who knew Astronauts were so popular?:hailprobe:
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    News Are there two Higgs Bosons?

    New data from the CERN might suggest that there are two Higgs Bosons! The data clearly shows what appears to be 2 differently massed Higgs particles. More here: :hailprobe:
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    Internet My Little Pony Orbiter Crossover

    I happened be looking in a the scroller at the top of the and saw this. So here is the link: Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger by AdmiralTigerClaw Description: The star system Omega Centauri was just...
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    Moon's mass and tides

    I got 1.10067403e-6. What is this in? Mass of Moon: 7.348e22 Distance between: 384403000 Radius of earth: 6387140 So did i do it wrong?:hailprobe:
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    OHM Msss MFD v4.0

    This needs to be explained better it is very hard to understand how this works. Maybe a video tutorial on how to use it.
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    Eccentricity Calculation Problem

    Thanks i think i have some reading and testing too do, but not tonight it's time for bed.... ok maybe a little reading.:facepalm: I'll try to find the problem tomorrow and see what i get.:hailprobe:
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    Eccentricity Calculation Problem

    I first calculated all the variables and used the smaller equation to solve for it. It looks almost exactly like this. And to do squares i did (variable*variable). If need be i can post the code. I also tried to remove 1 to see what i was getting before adding 1 and it says N/A.
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    Eccentricity Calculation Problem

    So i have been teaching myself physics and then programming a simulator with this knowledge in Unity3D. So, i have recently finished eccentricity but when i programmed the script to do the calculation it always returns 1. :facepalm: So the equation i used was : e =...
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    Science Physics of.... Ponies?

    This video is an examination of physics impossibilities in MLP. Physics just got 20% cooler!:cool: I would have never guessed how many things are made of dark matter. :rofl: Einstein is a brony...
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    Songs to listen to while flying

    What do listen to in space? As crazy as it sounds i like to listen to MLP music there is a lot of very good music by the community. Very catchy to. Most recently listened to are by SimGretina, Aviators, and Saltlakritis.
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    Alpha Centauri System V3.8 2012-06-23

    [rgb(0,0,0);font-family]The continuation of version 3 of the Alpha Centauri System with orbital corrections for the moons of Crius and a new scenario.[/rgb(0,0,0);font-family][rgb(0,0,0);font-family]Special Thanks to Universe...
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    Humor Ways to kill a UMMU

    I ejected right before reentry and my crew except for the captain which was somehow put back into orbit. Well the rest of the crew glowed for a second and a burnt husk of the main body was left.
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    OHM Realistic background

    All i see is a bunch of little puffs and not the beautiful view like in the picture. I checked if i installed it properly and have it set to the correct parameters. I'm in the Alpha Centauri System addon so I think they may not be compatible but im not sure what would cause it. I just tested it...
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    OHM Alpha Centauri A V3

    Okay I'll post a patch later today. The big file is probably because of all of my textures are at lest level 8. ---------- Post added at 07:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:29 PM ---------- And no i didnt do put a default moon texture for all the moons with no custom textures like in...
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    Alpha Centauri System V3.4 2012-05-07

    The continuation of version 3 of the Alpha Centauri System with orbital corrections for the moons of Oceanus and a new scenario. Special Thanks to Universe Sandbox Requires: Delta Glider IV (4) Features: Orbital Corrections for all the moons of Oceanus (New) Atmospheres for all major moons...
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    ACA V3 Patch 1 2012-05-07

    Here is the missing Pelione.cfg
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    Alpha Centauri A V3 2012-05-06

    I was bored this weekend so I designed and built the ACA V3. It has new orbits for all planets and the moons of Polyphemus. Polyphemus has 6 major moons and 8 irregular moons. Eventually the irregualr moons will have meshes and textures of the remaining moons. Some of Polyphemus moons are small...