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    What music are you listening to?

    Wow K_Jameson, Marillion, the soundtrack to my youth! It got me trawling through their catalogue.... and This seems kind of appropriate right now (going way back):
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    Advanced Question Using Orbiter d3d9 client in debug mode

    What about /Modules/Server/Orbiter.exe? Isn't it that that gets launched by Orbiter_ng.exe?
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    What music are you listening to?

    I saw Del Amitri in Sheffield in 199-something. Awesome, I'll never forget their version of the Ace Of Spades...
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    Advanced Question how do i go to the moon from iss

    Well, 'one' can, but first you have to work out which way to point it, and that ain't usually straight at your destination (although, Blixel does a good job here 4kXphuvlKPg of doing just that) I second/third other suggestions to have a look at Go Play In Space and David's beginner's guide. Do...
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    Applying for Air Traffic Control

    Hi Steph, check your PMs. WE.
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    News The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead

    Do we even know what the issue is? (Other than 'the batteries keep exploding'). What's different about the Note 7's battery compared to other phones - have they tried to push the capacity too much? Why were they exploding when not being charged? I haven't seen any detail in all the meeja reports...
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    Question Searching for a plugin...

    So included in this pack Computerex Add-on Pack is 'orbHoverDust', compiled for 2006 though. I made unsuccessful code-noob-attempts to compile it for both 2016 and 2010. It would need modifying to reference altitude above surface rather than mean radius (get Altitude(AltitudeMode,) etc)...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Reproduced, but only using "copy to clipboard". "Save to file" works OK for me.
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    High-res planet textures in archive (tree) format

    Yes, it's one of the more obvious ones with a lot of pixellation and hard edges. I'm no graphic artist - I just used some manual blur, smudge and occasional heal in Gimp. Here's what it looks like in the original (attached) I didn't want to mess too much with each bit, because I was working...
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    High-res planet textures in archive (tree) format

    Hi Ripley Hopefully this is one of several scenarios where I've hand-corrected the cloud textures - the issue is present in the base image from which the cloud textures have been generated. See I've submitted the modified textures...
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Screen Capture Screen capture seems to be handled quite nicely in vanilla Orbiter 2016 - CTRL+Print Screen brings up a 'capture frames' dialogue where individual shots or sequences can be saved. See the F1 help in-game.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I've been using Windows 10 roughly since it first appeared. I don't recall any issues with the D3D9 client not displaying a window correctly. One issue I did have was when using multiple displays (laptop plus external monitor) - sometimes the render window would be positioned off-screen if I...
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    2016 Earth Cloud Adjustments 2016-09-04

    Earth Cloud Texture Adjustments - Orbiter 2016 Hand-adjustments to some Earth cloud tiles used in Orbiter Beta/2016 RC that display minor glitches. These are mainly level 9, 8 and some 7 tiles, and are ones that I have noticed whilst in LEO in Orbiter 2016. They are present in the source image...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    OK you can disregard the above. I'm not able to confirm right now, but I don't think I checked the linear/cubic setting when running d3d9 client, sorry. :facepalm:
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Resolution Bias? This effect on Earth terrain, in the latest RC4 Orbiter, D3D9 RC1. Low to high Resolution Bias mimics the effect of going from cubic to linear interpolation in the inline client. Occurs with archive and cache formats, both base and full tile sets. Does not occur in Orbiter...
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    Orbiter beta texture issues

    Earth Cloud Texture Mods Thought I'd stick this here as it's texture 'issues'. Back in the earlier versions of the latest beta, I noticed several glitches in the cloud texture, which for me, could jar the otherwise superb view in LEO (where I seem to spend most of my simulated flight time). I...
  18. Clouds (20) Fix

    Clouds (20) Fix

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