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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Needed to give IMFD a good workout in OO
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    Misc IMFD 5.7 with the Arrow Freighter - A "How To"

    @Eccentric I would strongly discourage the use of scenerio editor to advance time. It a lot of cases it won't cause any issues, but you lose a lot of accuracy (you're effectively introducing one giant timestep into the simulation). For some addons this will also cause serious problems.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Okay, that's pretty cool.
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    C++ Question Save state issue

    Could you paste that into some code tags. it's kinda hard to tell. If the problem only happens sometimes, it's almost certianly due to uninitialized memory.
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    Installation Returning to Orbiter after years, can't get it running

    Are you running Orbiter through Orbiter.exe or Orbiter_NG.exe?
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    NASSP 8 Installation Guide

    @kryptoid256 ----->
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    Discussion Trees for Orbiter

    It figures that I assumed this was going to be a thread about data-structures...
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    SDK Question Virtual Cockpit best practices

    Not really. To be honest there aren't really a huge amount of Orbiter vessels with complicated virtual cockpits. Generally, keeping things organized is probably best. Perhaps you could make a class for each of the "panels", and then have a std::vector of your switch class to keep track of them...
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    Problem Terrain glitches after launch from Brighton Beach

    Set your mesh resolution back to 32. And see if that fixes it. I don't know if I can confidently say what the problem is, just by looking at a screenshot. (and we can't really debug Orbiter 2016) but it looks like you might be running out of memory for terrain.
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    Bug some new issues with apollo 11 cryo before launch (t-20 ,mins) cryo press warning + fc3 h2 purge fault

    Yeah, each time we make a major update to the systems, the only 100% reliable method we have for updating those is to refly the full mission each time. So those tend to bo increasingly less updated the further into the mission they are. Your safest bet is to use the T-4 hour scenerios. If you...
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    Flight Question Main engine throttle and trim tabs work only on one engine.

    enabling "absolute animations" in the D3D9 client settings may also be of use here.
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    Flight Question Main engine throttle and trim tabs work only on one engine.

    When you say trim tabs, I presume you're referring to the Deltaglider? That's very weird, I didn't even think you could set elevator trim independently. Do you have any joystick or controller plugged in that might be interfering?
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    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    I was in fact wrong about how easy this would be haha. I'm still doing it though. Here's a first pass attempt at a change-log. It will need some cleanup and some distinction between major/minor/bugfix/etc. Also, there are some major changes to Lua and to D3D9 Client. I still need to add those...
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    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    I would be happy to.
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    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    A change-log could easily be created from the 2017 beta rev notes, and the merged pull requests since 2020.
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    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    GLS had proposed this solution, although I'll admit I don't know enough about cmake to help much. If we can't figure out how to do this automatically in the next week or so, I would recommend the following alternative solution. When we're ready to release, make a new branch called...
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    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    I'd that one ready for review?
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    Orbiter Video Thread

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    Orbiter Video Thread

    I think your video is private vs unlisted