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    What music are you listening to?

    Someone introduced me to this song over the weekend. Really digging it:
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    OHM The World's Greatest XR2 Skin
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    Gaming Dwarf Fortress Succession Fort?

    Also worth noting: If you've never played before, or you're still new, that's fine. Failure in this game is fun. We know how to make it hilarious. We can put you lower in the rotation.
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    Gaming Dwarf Fortress Succession Fort?

    So I've been talking to Woo482 over in Orbiter-Radio, and we started tossing the idea around for a succession fort for the newest version of Dwarf Fortress. Toady's been doing some work, and has now included vampires, minecarts, and other FUN. We'd be using the Masterwork Mod, which includes...
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    Gaming Microsoft Flight Megathread

    Microsoft would be working on adding other areas of the world to sell I assume. Of course, I've got my own questions on how that would work in relation to large landmasses, and how it would be handled at the borders of that landmass. ---------- Post added at 11:32 AM ---------- Previous post...
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    Gaming SpaceProbe

    Just stumbled on this last night. Basically, you fly a probe around to various locations inside a massive game universe, and help repair stations to become your new "home in space". I'm also not exaggerating when I say massive at all. The developer simulates an environment of...
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    Gaming Microsoft Flight Megathread

    The sad thing? If that video is indeed accurate, it looks like it could be quite fun with the right group of friends. I'll need to see more once its out (and not under NDA *cough*), but I'm intrigued. It looks more like a game, than a simulator. the Microsoft Flight Simulator series may have...
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    OFMM Science Goals - Surface: Discussion

    If we're concerned about any possible contamination, perhaps we could bring along a second set of suits designed for EVA on Mars? Once the EVAs are done, those are stowed away in a sterile environment until the return to Earth. Unless I'm missing something, in which case I blame it on being...
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    Gaming Microsoft Flight Megathread

    My biggest concern is the pricing for these addons. I don't always fly outside of the US in FS9, but I do still have the option to do European, Asian, South American, or even trans-oceanic flights if I so choose. If I suddenly decide I want to fly from... say KJFK to EDDM (Munich), I'd need to...
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    OHM Warp MFD 1.07

    I'm going to guess its because its for a version of Orbiter from 2003.
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    What Tough Situation Were You In

    I mentioned it in another thread, but here's the full story. I was taking an XR2 and the Arrow out to Mercury. Trip went fine, made it to Mercury ok, sent my pilot over to the XR2, and left the rest in the Arrow to handle the landing. Managed to land the XR2 fine, placed the landing beacon, and...
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    OFMM Mission Assignment

    Would it be bad form to request primary for OFMM-24? :shifty: Setting that aside, primary for OFMM-23, backup on OFMM-22.
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    OFMM Mission Discussions

    This. The most fun I had in Orbiter was after I failed a Mercury landing. I was reaching for the close button when I decided to try and save my XR2 (and lone surviving crew member). Long story short, scooping up an XR2 in solar orbit with a strict time limit was more fun than the mission I had...
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    OFMM Mission Discussions

    I've been looking over the mission list, and there were a few things I noticed: I'm confused with this. Assuming we have one satellite on the Martian equator, that's one satellite at 60 degrees inc, and one at -60 degrees. We then... come back the next mission and place them at the same...
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    OFMM Mission Discussions

    In this case, no. It would make sense that we're going to test the capabilities for Mars operations before anything else. ---------- Post added at 12:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:35 PM ---------- I hate to sound like an ass... but why worry about patches now? We're still trying...
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    Scenario Editor for version 100830?

    I think he might be looking for a program to create scenarios outside of Orbiter. There is one for an old version that helped you generate the .scn files.
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    OFMM Roll Call

    To bring things back on topic... 1. Whatever you think I would be able to help with. I can't mesh or anything, but I'm more than willing to fly or help with the planning. 2. Been doing stuff in LEO for years, been all over the solar system with IMFD. Previously an OFSS 1 pilot. 3. More than...
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    Problem broken 2010

    This. Just saying an addon doesn't work doesn't tell us anything specific, and we can't help you without knowing which addon(s), what the problem is, etc.
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    Flight Question Nose Wheel Turning?

    You're right. Numpad 1 and 3 turn the craft on the ground.
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    A reminder to backup your systems and data.

    Should I be the one to point out that if you image your hard drive, you'd be taking any viruses with you in those image files? No anti-virus is 100%. It's far better to just keep a restore disk from when you first installed the OS, and incremental backups from there. Besides, if you image your...