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  1. n0mad23

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Ain't tongue tied, just don't got nothin' to say....
  2. n0mad23

    Project LR1 Skyhammer: A New Shuttle [p1]

    I'm a lucky one - I get that silly grin every time a new animation or even successful fairing jettison happens for me. The other, and one I imagine all who have made any kind of addon with modeling involved, is that moment of awe with the audible, "wow, it's really beautiful...." Proud...
  3. n0mad23

    Project LR1 Skyhammer: A New Shuttle [p1]

    I knew it was big, but seeing it beside the obsolete shuttle really got it across to me. This is a HUGE craft! I can see many uses for such a thing. Nice.
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    OHM Stratolaunch v1.0

    Hooray for the Aerial Launchers! Nice one Sputnik! :thumbup: Downloading at once.
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    Project HASDA - Reusable Crew Vehicle (lifting-body spaceplane)

    I think the AoA has a lot to do with it - at 40 deg. I suspect you're pretty well committed to a direct descent without any atmospheric skipping involved. Back it off to below that magical 20 degree mark and you'll get more lift instead of pure friction. I posted a link to the PDF that is...
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    General Question Standard autopilots, slight inaccuracies?

    It's the same for heading when using Multistage2's guidance files. Ninety degrees is always off by your 0.3 deg. But Mulitstage2 is so buggy on 2010 (guidance files fail in running probably 60% of the time for me) I hadn't noticed the parallels with the built in autopilots. Good observation.
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    Project HASDA - Reusable Crew Vehicle (lifting-body spaceplane)

    Mass vs. lift? The shuttle is huge compared to X37B. I'm guessing it's along the same lines of why it's easier to skip a small stone a dozen or more times across a pond while a stone bigger than your hand is lucky to skip 3 times before sinking. Same principle.
  8. n0mad23

    Space PDF Collection

    For those of us playing with little shuttles: "Footprint Problem with Angle of Attack Optimization for High Lifting Reentry Vehicles" - Li, Zhang, et. al...
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    Project HASDA - Reusable Crew Vehicle (lifting-body spaceplane)

    Funny you should ask this - I think I have a pdf just for you (fellow micro-shuttle fan). I've got "Footprint Problem with AoA Optimization for High Lifting Reentry Vehicle" open in another window. Quick answer as per the text - lowest boundary for initial descent is 18.656 deg. At 20 deg. it...
  10. n0mad23

    Project LR1 Skyhammer: A New Shuttle [p1]

    Are you drafting this with Spacecraft3 then? I've got one of those funny "tickling memory" things going on about a thread from several years ago regarding gimbaling, but haven't been able to find it yet. Obviously such things are outside of Spacecraft3. Love that screen shot of the craft in...
  11. n0mad23

    Project HASDA - Reusable Crew Vehicle (lifting-body spaceplane)

    She's a cute lil' thang. Kocmolyf's response rings like a bell, doesn't it? I can actually visualize that area of instability and the problem with yaw movement. I'm guessing this is why the X-37B has it's tail fins positioned diagonally the way they are and at the angle. I'm thinking your...
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    My wedding day

    Congrats Tex! Here's wishing you years of domestic bliss. Those of us who get to marry our best friends truly are the blessed ones. All the best to the two of you. :cheers:
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    OHM ZTC-Obelix Heavy Lifter

    Thanks Interceptor and Pipcard. I'm really hoping for feedback for improvement here. Two "poor" votes on OH Mods without any feedback as to what's poorly done isn't terribly helpful. I've been contemplating stripping out the RMS meshes I picked up from NASA's site and replacing them with...
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    OHM Vector normalizer tool

    Not exactly - a normalized vector has one axis that's 1 m. long. ar81's tool really is made to be used in conjunction with his Mesh Wizard. From his Mesh Wizard tutorial - "When you need to state the DIR and ROT vectors for docking ports, attachment and grapple points, finding a ROT vector...
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    ZTC-Obelix Heavy Lifter 2014-08-30

    ZanTar Cheetah Transportation Technoligies and Titan Werks Unlimited Joint Venture.  The Obelix Heavy Lifter uses an Energia inspired rocket system to lift newly commissioned Lockheed Martin EFTs into LEO for conversion into the first Orbital vacuum vapor depostion factory. Includes the 3...
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    Please replace the multistage .ini files with the ones provided in this zip. The P241 stage one turns much more realistically now, I think. Updated the upload on Orbit Hanger Mods now. :tiphat:
  17. n0mad23

    Project ZTC Boeing X-37 C conversion

    I'm currently double checking all the files and directories for the ZTC-Obelix / TW Weyland Crucible Station and trying to finish up the pdf documentation. The rest of this project should be up at the Hanger either today or tomorrow! :thumbup:
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    Apologies to those who have downloaded this all ready. I didn't define the pitch, yaw, or roll thrust in the multistage initialization files for this (relying instead on the default settings). The result is rather ridiculous. I'm currently looking for examples of other's definitions in...
  19. n0mad23

    Project LR1 Skyhammer: A New Shuttle [p1]

    Man I love the form of this. The profile from top and bottom really have an almost organic/life form quality in terms of function/form. Like a penguin evolved for swimming at several times the speed of sound. I love it when advanced engineering results in bio-mimicry. I'd say you're on to...
  20. n0mad23

    Project ZTC Boeing X-37 C conversion

    I'm currently assembling the add-on packages for these projects. The first up is the X-37C Microbus conversion. I'll have a beta add-on uploaded to Orbit Hanger Mods before I sleep tonight! As I originally designed this as a scene study for a fiction writing project, I'm releasing it...