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  1. ghostrunner01

    Hardware La.. Quickie Question - Your Graphics card

    980 Ti Completely overkill for Orbiter but I use it for many other things as well.
  2. Whirlpool Galaxy

    Whirlpool Galaxy

  3. Sombrero Galaxy

    Sombrero Galaxy

  4. Orion Nebula

    Orion Nebula

  5. Astrophotography


    A collection of some of my works.
  6. ghostrunner01

    Thank you for the kind words! I'll definitely look into it. To be honest, I've been away from...

    Thank you for the kind words! I'll definitely look into it. To be honest, I've been away from Orbiter for quite some time but I'm getting back into it with the beta and all. It's funny you praise that damaged XR2 skin. It was actually one of my first attempts ever at texturing so it is a bit...
  7. ghostrunner01

    Request Where to get latest Orbiter beta?

    Huh, good to know. I could see that being used as a faster way to get started as the initial svn install was painfully slow for me.
  8. ghostrunner01

    Question Can a texture change during a scenario at a particular point

    If memory serves, the AMSO addon's capsule changed textures after reentry so the capability is there. The question is whether or not the AMSO guys had to basically hack the texture change in since I do not believe Orbiter natively supports that ability. Unfortunately, AMSO is not open source...
  9. ghostrunner01

    Request Where to get latest Orbiter beta?

    Currently we're on Orbiter 2015 r13. The difference with these beta packages is that they require an svn client to install. See here and here for more info.
  10. ghostrunner01

    Update Arrow Freighter version 2012 updated (screenshots)

    Ummu with flashlights! I had this idea a loooong time ago... Looks great Dan!
  11. ghostrunner01

    Hey I'm back! What did I miss?

    Land docked ships eh? I kinda liked how it immediately crashed Orbiter when I crashed the ISS after de-orbiting and staying docked. :) Wow. The new graphic clients sure have come far. Dan's addons look promising as always. Thanks for the warm welcome! Orbiter fan fiction? I guess I will...
  12. ghostrunner01

    Hey I'm back! What did I miss?

    After being away from Orbiter for a very (very very) long time I finally decided to check in and see what was going on! So first of all HELLO EVERYONE!!! :hello: Next thing: What did I miss? The latest Orbiter version I played was the 2010 version so what's new in the new updates (assuming...
  13. ghostrunner01

    News ‘MythBusters’ Accidentally Sends Cannonball Through House

    When will people learn to never live within a 500 mile radius of the Mythbusters? When someone (Jamie Hyneman) says "When in doubt, C4!" you should know bad things will happen. But anyway, I find this extremely funny saying I have been a loyal fan to the Mythbusters since their very first episode.
  14. ghostrunner01

    OSC Autumn 2011 - Voting Group B

    Voted! Good luck contestants!
  15. ghostrunner01

    OSC Autumn 2011 - Voting Group A

    Voted! There are some really good pictures.
  16. ghostrunner01

    The Orbiter Screenshot Contest Autumn 2011

    Here is my photo. "Drifting among the stars."
  17. ghostrunner01

    Project Brighton Base 2011: An Upgrade to Orbiter's Brighton Beach

    Oh nice! About time someone updates that old base! I tried once but miserably failed.
  18. ghostrunner01

    Gaming Battlefield 3 Released!!

    I will be getting as soon as I can!
  19. ghostrunner01

    Why do you use Orbiter?

    I use Orbiter because it satisfies my curiosity in space flight and aeronautics in general. It is also very educational and very addicting.
  20. ghostrunner01

    Poll Orbiter Galaxy - figuring out why it isn't used

    To add my own thought to this thread: I love the idea of interstellar spaceflight in orbiter. I believe orbiter galaxy is the first step to get full integration into orbiter. The only reason I haven't used orbiter galaxy much is because I still have problems with the texture generator. When I...