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  1. Caracal

    Humor Eurovision Song Contest 2022

    Popular vote result was not unexpected, in my opinion the songs themselves of this Eurovision were okay, but don't really compare a lot to the other years.
  2. Caracal

    Launch News International Lunar Research Station

    Despite all the issues China has regarding infrastructure and even aviation, I still believe that it'll manage a space station into the Moon, with Russian help. Don't think it'll be very soon, though.
  3. Caracal

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Local engineer finds out special trick for better aerobraking
  4. Caracal

    Humor Eurovision Song Contest 2022

    Final is in 2 days at Turin in Italy, I think Norway's going to bag this one.
  5. Caracal

    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Can't speak about the internals since I don't know much about the Soyuz, but I found the model really pretty and realistic! Great exterior (y)
  6. Caracal

    Orbiter in 20 years

    KSP needs some sane atmospheric modeling to be very good, aside from that it's a pretty nice sci-fi space simulator, it's gotten a lot of people interested in space travel and has probably given Orbiter itself a lot of users. Personally, I think non-historical content is great but I can see the...
  7. Caracal

    Humor Eurovision Song Contest 2022

    I liked Norway and Latvia's entries, found the rest good songs but not my vibe.
  8. Caracal

    Question What games are you playing?

    Yeah, it's really pretty once you get near the mountain ranges. With the most modern DLCs that they've launched like Italia and Iberia, there's a lot of attention to detail, like for example the toll roads in italy
  9. Caracal

    Question What games are you playing?

    i'm playing euro truck simulator. it's nice to drive across europe, i particularly like the scandinavian DLC. still have to get into american truck sim
  10. Caracal

    Updates Boeing's CST-100 Starliner

    not putting a lot of faith in Boeing's software, seeing their corporate practices in hiring coders and engineers trying to maximize profit