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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Testing some of my developments. Since it seems the access to my files is restored I intend to upload them in the OH but there's so much documentation to update that it will take a while. I'm working exclusively for Orbiter 2010P1. Linux Mint and Wine.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Amazing! e=.9894 Thanks for the scenario and the link!
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Does anyone know whether this main part of the trajectory is an eliptical transfer to a point near L2? I'd think they designed it for a minimum apogee speed (all tangential at this point), therefore it is a transfer with an eccentricity very close to 1.
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    OHM does not work

    Xyon , I still can't have access to most of my addons. The only ones that are available to me are the very early ones. This situation prevents me from updating and posting new releases. Please take a look on this matter. Thanks in advance for your help. Beep
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Hey! Wasn't this a space navigation and exploration simulator? Yeah , and the best that there is.
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Something about the Air to Air Package I'm developing in Orbiter 2010. This has been done entirely under Wine/Linux.
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    Question Output to file?

    File reading and writing There are several examples in my addons for your reference. Have fun!
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    Makeshift Defenders 1.1 2019-01-13

    These are the defenders based on the Makeshift Targets. They are intended to pose some threat and oppose strike missions that make use of my earlier script addons Bombsight MFD. http: // and Gunship MFD. http: // The...
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    OHM Bombsight Script MFD V1.11

    Any user looking for the old 2010 versions should look at But beware that since that release some important bugs were corrected.
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    Makeshift Targets 1.6 2019-01-08

    These are quickly jury-rigged buildings, facilities and  vehicles, that are implemented as scripted vessels in Orbiter. They are supposed to be used as victimizable (hit signaling) targets for the Bombsight MFD  http: //  a nd  Gunship MFD  http...
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    Gunship Script MFD V0.37 2018-12-23

    Now you can have a little air gunning strafing, barrage and turret target practice. Some ready to run DG and Shuttle PB scenarios are provided. You should have the Bombsight MFD to have the  fictional target range base near Edwards and some other material. Get it at: http...
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    Bombsight Script MFD V1.11 2018-12-11

    A military tactical and strategic air to ground attack system designed to make trials and practice flying within the necessary conditions for a sucessfull load launch and target hit. All supplied loads have their UCGO packing boxes (waiting for the Orbiter 2016 UCGO release). A fictional target...
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    Cruiser Operations :The Ticonderoga V0.01 Cruiser Operations Script Vessel 2018-12-01

    This addon is intended to be a companion for the Carrier Operations 2 Addon. In this sense is just a scenario decoration. Nevertheless, it has some features of its own such as a landable helipad, two firing turrets, two vertical launch systems that can launch cruise missiles and six working...
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    Carrier Operations 2 :The Nimitz V0.03 Carrier Operations Script Vessel 2018-10-17

    Practice and manage landings and takeoffs in this huge moving aircraft carrier.  IMPORTANT: 1. This package uses the wonderful new aircraft carrier Nimitz class (actually, the Ronald Reagan CVN76) mesh from Marco Gavazzeni who is a partner in this project. With his permission, a splitted...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    She's got company!
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Not Pretty but fun. GasolinePunk DG. "Bandit at 6 O'Clock!"
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Testing the VTOL features from the Formation Autopilot Lua script. Can't you hear the Wagner?
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    New Release XRSound 1.0 and Updated XR Vessels Released

    Can't run it on Windows XP :-(. Gives a now familiar error "Can't find entry point in InitializeCriticalSectionEx in KERNEL32.dll".
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    Air to Air Refuel Script MFD v0.67 2018-02-28

    Normally, refueling MFD's are dock based therefore you were not able to do atmospheric inflight refueling. This one is attachment based so now you can do it. Besides transfering fuel it  performs the hook up contact to the boom or drogue and guides the pilot displaying useful data concerning...
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    Orbiter BETA Lua development

    Thanks everybody for the kind words. Things are developing exceptionally well and I expect to be home again next week. Orbiter comes in 2nd but is a close 2nd to me and I hope I'll have some time left to employ in this magnific mind adventure. Rate will be slower but it will go on.