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    20 years: A Orbiter Documentary Announcement

    Wait when did this happen? Where's the repository? There are older ones.. listed in change.doc in
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Seems like a lot of little conspiracies added up to bring us to a Dec 25th blast off.
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    The old Tinfish videos?

    Does anyone remember the old Tinfish videos from around 2005 - 2007? Found some on old HDD, but not all of them.
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    SSME is really a turbo-jet engine and other trivia and questions

    Mmm.. Thinking about it more.. As a child I learned that a jet engine gets its oxidizer from the atmosphere. A rocket engine brings its oxidizer with it. This holds true for an observer like a kid watching airplanes at the airport and rocket launches from the Cape. From the point of view of the...
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    Updates NASA's Mars 2020 Rover

    Anyone know how close Percy came to its intended target? Or was "anywhere in the circle" perfectly good? After all, TRN picked the exact spot in the final moments.. Just wondering how well all that worked.
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    News Technic Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey cancelled?

    Pfaggghh. Sounds like some loudmouth "peace society".. Saying stuff just to say stuff.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Sounds like it's on schedule.
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    To me it seems like early on in the US that everyone was trying to save face and not take it seriously enough. You know, keep the all-important economy going at all costs no matter what. No politician wanted to see people running around in face masks and all that. Seemed everyone here was...
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    Scenario help orbiting a neutron star

    Your asteroids would have to be as massive as a neutron star in order to cancel anything out. And then there'd be tidal forces from two objects.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    They better not launch it in March, or any other time. Tens of thousands of jobs will be lost if they do. This is a political shelter thing ya'll know. And if they did launch it it'll be outdated. So why bother? Has any other program been delayed this long ever? Keep it as the training program...
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    Launch News SpaceX DM-2 Launch Scheduled for May 27!

    I, too, would have preferred a different name. "Endeavour" is name of a old rickety shuttle. And "Enterprise" is easily overused (because Trek). It also seems more appropriate for a bigger ship, not a peanut-sized transfer capsule.
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Not only that. And even if it were accurate, which it isn't, there is the question of time and how many antibodies are present. How many antibodies does one need? It will be different for each person. How long till they fall below an effective concentration? No one knows. And it's likely to be...
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    I think the selfishness and greed that put a damper on the slow responses. No one wanted to think about closing businesses and a slight profit loss. Or the major holidays even. Only after spring break did Florida close the beaches. Only after St. Patty's day did our state do a "lockdown". Only...
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    I don't get the stubborn U.S. resistance to testing. And lack of big data to integrate all that demographic/location data. So much for high tech.. It's like they don't want anyone to get tested.
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    News Ethiopian 737 crashed on way to Kenya, 157 people on-board

    ..and so is operating your garbage disposal unit or bathroom exhaust fan via a smartphone-wifi-internet setup. Why are we making things more complicated? Just to make them? What happened to the press-the-red-button to regain 100% manual control?
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    Question Any program can read and search multiple text files?

    Windows' built-in search function will find text strings in any folder of files or a single file.
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    News Ethiopian 737 crashed on way to Kenya, 157 people on-board

    Are modern day airliners becoming so complex that we have to crowd-test them in the field?
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    News Ethiopian 737 crashed on way to Kenya, 157 people on-board

    This was done very specifically because Boeing's sales department used "no retraining required" as a major selling point to reach x amount of orders. A financial incentive.In fact, from what I heard, MCAS was designed TO help prevent needing retraining. And it was supposed to just sit in the...
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    Updates Voyager mission news

    How many times have the Voyagers left the Solar System previously?
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    News Hubble telescope hit by mechanical failure

    I wouldn't mind a couple 2 or 3 years intermission while we get another telescope up there. But there are no plans to do so. I'm not counting on JWST to launch on schedule, they will find yet another reason to delay. Nor do I care much, when launched it will be flying with 10-20 year old...