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  1. ripley1

    AutoFCS and runway alignment

    Try this tread,hope it helps.
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    Restoring the Nostromo!

    Very cool.Thanks for posting this.I bet this would make a nice add on for Orbiter.
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    Internet Video Thread

    Some fun with "heavy"
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    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    And you are taking cordless tools and toolbag in it with you ;)
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    Internet AVSIM Library back on-line.

    Could be your browser? I am using Firefox and it still works for me.
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    Internet AVSIM Library back on-line.

    I have downloaded 2 files with no problem.
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    Question Where would you go.

    Moon for me i guess.Mars would be next,then LEO because of the view and to experience the ride in the Shuttle. I can imagine how hard would it be to actually choose a trip if someone was offering me one of them.
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    Question parachute atlantis space shuttle

    From the add on page. Installation:Simply unzip the archive into your Orbiter directory. NOTE: Install the Shuttle Fleet BEFORE installing this add-on. I just downloaded it and works just fine.
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    RC DeltaGliderIV project

    Looking great,best wishes with the project.Please keep us updated.
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    General Question Space Shuttle BEST Add Ons I need!!

    You can get an expansion pack for the shuttle fleet with many different missions.There is also Space shuttle ultra,but be prepared to spend some time learning before this one.(my laptop won't handle the SSU,so I can't tell you much about it though) Expansion pack here...
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    Hi All

    Welcome to the forum:welcome:
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    Software software problem

    Can you post your computer specs?
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    Software software problem

    Try this: open video option on the "launch pad" and check "always enumerate device" Color depth 16 Under "modules",activate all Hope this helps
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    Reentry basics procedure...My ship always burn!!!

    Reentry is one of the most difficult things in Orbiter,so there is no easy way to explain it. To answer your question of reentry burn. You should make deorbit burn on the opposite side of the earth.During the burn,watch the periapsis and burn until this is just around 30-40km above the earth...
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    Lucky Orbiter Moments

    I launched the Shuttle manually to intercept the ISS without launch MFD. Just plain map and orbit MFD's. Eyeballed the heading and got into orbit. The real surprise was the plane alignment required only 15 second burn. Very happy moment.
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    Desktop screenies

    No its not a NASA's countdown timer,but i synchronized it with the countdown clock on their site ;)
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    Desktop screenies

    Its this little freeware countdown add on. here:
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    Desktop screenies

    My current one.
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    Basic Basic help with the Moon

    As the TsPenguin said,its essential to learn few things before the interplanetary flight.But if you really want to,check out this thread.It includes Transfer MFD video tutorial.
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    SRB flight characteristics

    Here is a good source of information about the Shuttle SRB's and related systems.