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  1. Jupiter

    Apexset restructured as Eclipse Systems

    In response to a growing space market, Apexset is to undergo a major organisational restructure to compete more effectively in this newly promising field, including the adoption of the latest modelling software and a new corporate identity - Eclipse Systems. A new slate of projects has also...
  2. Jupiter

    APEXSET celebrates Vostok 1 and 50 years of manned spaceflight (1961-2011)

    From Vostok 1... When Russia's Yuri Gagarin launched into space with Vostok 1, on April 12th, 1961, he only spent 108 minutes in orbit before returning to Earth. But his miraculous journey bought the cosmos to Earth for all mankind and broke ground for a startling array of galactic achievements...
  3. Jupiter

    News bulletin - Projects overview

    January 2, 2011 Since its launch on January 1st, 2011, APEXSET plc. has prioritised efforts for manned/unmanned space exploration with the Orbiter spaceflight simulator, which will involve the most advanced technology ever conceived and built in the company's history, as well as in spaceflight...
  4. Jupiter

    Search Looking for a smaller S-IVB

    Upper stage found Shadow Addict, Good to see you, and also, I've found the best upper stage for you; yes, it is an S-IVB, but slimmer and taller, the Saturn S-IVB C-5A, which was meant for a concept of the Saturn V before it got its official configuration, the C-5. More information is below...
  5. Apexset product development gallery

    Apexset product development gallery

    These are photos of prototype spacecraft and launch vehicles under development by Apexset. For further inquiries of some of these products, or if you wish to download Anim8or models, send a private message to Jupiter.
  6. Jupiter

    News bulletin - APIC to collaborate with AIA on Wideawake space base

    18th July, 2009 The Aerospace Payloads International Corporation has recently made public the announcement of joint work with the Ascension Island Aerospace company, including development of the extensive space station Toehold and the Wideawake Int. space launch complex at Ascension Island...
  7. Jupiter

    A new dream for 2011. APEXSET's beginnings.

    Established in December 2008, APEXSET was originally named Aerospace Payloads International Corporation (APIC), until the new name change on January 1, 2011, along with the companies primary objectives. APEXSET, an international engineering firm based in Australia, originally was a contractor...
  8. Jupiter

    Question Soyuz 7K-T mesh and Octobersky questions.

    I actually happen to have a high-resolution model of the Soyuz 7K-T, as well as a high-quality model of the original Progress resupply spacecraft that has serviced the Salyut and Mir space stations (the original, not the Progress M-1). If you would like me to send the models over, or if you...
  9. Jupiter

    Project Voyager spacecraft photos, anyone??

    Project Voyager spacecraft photos, anyone?? Hello, again! I understand your thought, but remember, I am here to help you. Now, about that texture; will this be the ticket? (see below) Hope it is; definitely looking forward to your Voyager! Jupiter
  10. Jupiter

    Project Voyager spacecraft photos, anyone??

    Photos, Usonian! Hello, Good luck on your Voyager project. If you need any help, the Aerospace Payloads International Corporation is always there to give you the best of spaceflight. I'm also replying to say that I've found a couple of diagrams of Voyager for you...
  11. Jupiter

    Project Soyuz 22

    Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven't replied for you in many days, but now that I have time, I'll show you something extra special. At the moment, beside Salyut 6/7, I'm working on Soyuz spacecraft too, including the Soyuz 22 spacecraft. A spare craft from the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, the...
  12. Jupiter

    Project Improvements to Soyuz TMA add-on

    Project improvement to Soyuz TMA Hello, I may be quite new to this forum, but I am posting to say that I definitely am interested in the Soviet space program, have been developing add-ons for over two years and that I am working on a Salyut 6 add-on as well! Also in the works is her...