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    Hello @masdeca , we have closed your forum account per your request. If you ever want to reopen...

    Hello @masdeca , we have closed your forum account per your request. If you ever want to reopen it in the future, please contact any staff member.
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    C++ Question Save state issue

    Based on the code in the first post and the output written, it looks to me like the solp_rot_proc variable is either uninitialized or was overwritten with a garbage value, so the "%0.4f" format specification writes that trashed value out...
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    My day job. 🙂

    My day job. 🙂
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    General Question Opening outer door and inner door on XR2 Orbiter 2016

    The sequence to perform an EVA with regards to the airlocks would be: Ensure the APU is online (so that the doors are powered). Ensure both the inner and outer airlock doors are closed (this is the "normal" configuration). Depressurize the airlock (with the "Chamber" switch). Open the outer...
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    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    There is an open-source oMMU project that someone could pick up and finish, though.
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    Hello! Yes, we did see your donation go through, thank you! There is usually a delay before the...

    Hello! Yes, we did see your donation go through, thank you! There is usually a delay before the donation shows up in the donation info, because donations need to be manually approved for now. Regarding your download question, please post the details about what you are trying to download in the...
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    Adding XRsound to a new vessel

    That won't work because the animation IDs are vessel-specific. This is why it's vital to follow all the steps detailed in the XRSound User Manual exactly, including reading the trace logging for your vessel and updating its XRSound configuration file to match. You can't just copy the sound...
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    Adding XRsound to a new vessel

    Two points about this: first, regarding the configuration files approach, something is different between your vessel's XRSound configuration setup and what is detailed in the XRSound User Manual. Please follow all the steps in manual exactly, and compare your vessel's configuration setup to the...
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    OHM XRSound

    O-F Staff Note: Help request posts for a new vessel were moved to a new thread since it's not an issue with XRSound.
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    Adding XRsound to a new vessel

    As a first step, please follow the steps detailed on page 8 of the XRSound User Manual -- it details exactly how to do this. It's important that you follow all the steps exactly, including enabling trace logging in XRSound during development and testing.
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    Religous experience

    O-F Staff Note: This thread is a duplicate of this other thread, so please continue the discussion there.
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    Question Why are some mods nonpublic?

    It is up to each individual add-on author via their license as to whether to permit re-hosting of their work on other sites, which the above site intentionally disregards. In addition, it is each individual add-on author who decides whether or not to make their add-ons private. More information...
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    Meshing Question VC Panel development

    There are a few parts to the VC questions from a legal and ethical standpoint: The XR1's mesh and VC is licensed under GPLV3, as that is a derived work from the now-MIT-licensed original DeltaGlider mesh and VC. This means that if a ship mesh or VC mesh is derived from XR1's mesh, and not just...
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    Question I crashed my Linux partition, cause I am stupid!

    I would suggest regular backups of all your partitions -- in addition to software or human error potentially causing data loss, all hardware fails eventually, and so it's not a matter of "if" a backup will be needed someday, it's "when". :)
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    Flight Question Looking for an AoA Autopilot for the stock DG

    BTW you can set the XR autopilots via shortcut keys -- details are in the flight manual, or press SHIFT-SPACE to see the shortcuts on the HUD. :)
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    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    O-F Staff Note: 23 posts about KSP 2 moved to a new KSP 2 thread here. Please feel free to continue the KSP 2 discussion there, and let's keep this thread for KSP 1.x. Thanks!
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    Gaming Kerbal Space Program 2 (currently in Early Access)

    Remember this is an Early-Access release, not the final release, and every player has to decide for themselves it they want to buy and play the early-access versions now or wait until it's closer to version 1.0. The known issues section under "Flight and Maneuvering" in the official pre-release...
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    My orbiter crashes even if I made sure all mods are compatible with it

    Yes, just because a mod is listed as compatible with Orbiter 2016 does not guarantee that it can never crash due to bugs in it. You could try a standard troubleshooting approach: Install a clean copy of Orbiter 2016 and test with the default DeltaGlider. Install one add-on and retest. Be sure...
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    Hey Y'all

    :welcome: to Orbiter-Forum! :cheers:
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    Orbiter Beta R90

    Sure. Feel free to write up a new thread, then shoot me a DM and I'll sticky it! (y)