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    News Graphic designers try to redesign the NASA insignia

    There's also the NASA logo seen in Interstellar;
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    Interstellar - The Movie

    That still doesn't make sense, if Earth's carrying capacity for a human population is severely limited in such a scenario it will probably still remain habitable in some form- it wouldn't be a good outcome, obviously, but it's a number of notches below "planet is destroyed". And even if we...
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    Sentient robots soon? Nay says this man.

    I think we really need to look at various attributes of fusion research projects over time- plasma density, neutron flux, fusion gain, and a variety of other factors. The lack of a breakeven reactor for the last several decades and statements like "20 years away for the last 50 years" make it...
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    What Earth would look like if land and seas were reversed.

    This is a poor map of what Earth would look like if the topography were inverted. For starters, the 'mountains' and soforth on the 'former' seafloors do not correlate to actual bathymetry whatsoever. The maps made by the author of Planetocopia are far better in this regard. Here's Earth with...
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    Question Fully reusable two-stage-to-orbit or reusable 1st/expendable 2nd stage?

    No. That holds true for an SSTO, but the general consensus is that a reusable TSTO can be built largely with modern materials and chemical propulsion (the question is simply whether or not an RLV could be economically viable) unless one is assuming very conservative values. I would not...
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    Question Fully reusable two-stage-to-orbit or reusable 1st/expendable 2nd stage?

    That's why a TSTO is better; the second stage, although it has to undergo 'full' orbital re-entry, can do a 'once-around' recovery, whereas the second stage of a three-stage vehicle will have both a higher re-entry velocity than the first stage, and be unable to be recovered near the launch...
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    Question Invade Venus

    Planting seeds of dissent is difficult due to the political situation; I'm not entirely sure how economic warfare would work as there's not really anything you can trade between the two planets that can't be more economically manufactured in-situ. Basically. Venusian counterattacks to...
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    Question Invade Venus

    Well, it is quite obvious that modern lift and spaceflight capabilities are woefully inadequate; the next step is to determine what technology and infrastructure is necessary. What is the necessary size and disposition of the forces needed to invade Venus? How should they be landed on the...
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    Question Invade Venus

    As much infrastructure intact as possible, as per the .pdf. General information about Venus- geographic and maritime surveys, satellite images and soforth are publically available, but military surveillance will obviously be required. That would be a lot more difficult than using a warhead to...
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    Question Invade Venus

    Space combat is something that has been discussed many times before on this forum; however, discussion on the subject has mostly involved technical debate, with the uncertainty of tactical and strategic influences on these matters clouding things to a large degree. Thus, I have decided to start...
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    News Nelson Mandela has died

    Small correction: it is not his funeral, but rather his memorial. The funeral is to be held on Sunday in his childhood home of Qunu in the Eastern Cape.
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    News Nelson Mandela has died

    Madiba is renowned as a hero worldwide, but especially so here in South Africa. Here he is regarded as a national Founding Father. In the US, banknotes are emblazoned with images of people such as Franklin, Jefferson and Washington. In SA we have Mandela. Rest in piece, sir. :(
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    Humor NASA puts down a proposal in Awesome Space Rocketry

    Awesome space rockets? That's my area of expertise! :P
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    DG-like technology rocket...

    The simple answer to the re-entry problem is to study the design aspects of the large number of VTOVL SSTO concept that have come before. Things like the DC-X or the Bono concepts would be a good start; if you're looking at base-first re-entry, you may want to consider a plug-nozzle engine. If...
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    Problem Precision Needed to Get to Moon

    Apologies for being off topic here, but howzit! Welcome to the forum from SA! :)
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    Terrestrial Planet with a Terrestrial Moon?

    Charon is 11.6% of Pluto's mass. Extrapolating that ratio to an Earth-mass planet, you get a companion about 8% more massive than Mars (0.107 Earth masses). If we assume that 0.4 Earth masses is sufficient for a habitable world, we would either need a ratio nearly 3.5 times higher than that...
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    Science First an alien bug, now an alien fish?? (Warning: ugly fish pic.)

    It would be a possibility, but unlikely given the structure and depth of the eyes visible in the image- typically, such mimicry involves pigment patterns or far simpler structures. There are various cases where eye atrophy is found in animals that live in light deficient environments such as...
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    Science First an alien bug, now an alien fish?? (Warning: ugly fish pic.)

    Ugly fish? It's beautiful! :) It is clear from the image that it is not an arthropod, the eye is clearly vertebrate, there is no indication of arthropod-type segmentation in the tail section (which rather exhibits an alternating scale pattern) and there are no obvious arthropod limbs.
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    Discerning planets with the naked eye

    IIRC it is speculated that it may be possible for those with good eyesight to make out the crescent of Venus, there are various early descriptions of Venus, or deities associated with Venus, being 'horned'.
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    Launch News Orbital's Antares Maiden Flight & ORB-D "G. David Low" Cygnus Demo updates.

    This image was taken over the Cape Peninsula- Simon's Town harbour and Naval Station, Seal Island, Kommetjie, Fishoek and Hout Bay, as well as other geographical features in the area, are visible! :)