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  1. Thymo

    OHM StateSnap

    I wrote this module a while back so I would always have a recent snapshot when working on NASSP or when Orbiter inevitably crashed. I'm the type of person that always forgets to save... Every now and then I would get a request from people to help compiling this or getting it running. No more...
  2. Thymo

    OHM StateSnap

    Thymo submitted a new addon: StateSnap - StateSnap saves your stuff! (autosave) Read more about this addon...
  3. Thymo

    StateSnap v0.1

    StateSnap StateSnap is a module for Orbiter implementing an autosave feature. When StateSnap is enabled it will automatically save the current simulation to your Scenarios folder as "StateSnap". This way you can revert to roughly what you were doing in case you made a mistake or Orbiter crashed.
  4. Thymo

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    All staging actions including tower jettison should happen automatically.
  5. Thymo

    Project OrbiterCrews / OMMU Development

    That sounds cool. Do be aware that anything for NASSP must be GPL-2 compatible. We can't distribute builds containing non-free components.
  6. Thymo

    Apollo 17: Lunar Rover Deployment?

    This is why a new EVA SDK would be nice :)
  7. Thymo

    Project OrbiterCrews / OMMU Development

    OrbiterCrews sounds nice. I applaud your effort in bringing a new EVA SDK to Orbiter. I'm excited to try it out. :) I do hope you seriously consider making it open source for above mentioned reasons. NASSP could desperately use more advanced EVA functionality and if it is released under a...
  8. Thymo

    Discussion OpenOrbiter project fork

    I very much do not see the point in doing this. There already is an Orbiter organisation on GitHub to which members on this forum have administrative privileges. Orbiter has been made open source to allow others to continue it's development. Your concern is the use of the name "Orbiter" for the...
  9. Thymo

    Question Apollo CSM Power Up/ Power Down Procedure

    We have very little documentation on the activities before T-4:00. Recently we got a new document that has more details on this which may allow us to supply a scenario from earlier in pre-launch but this is still some time away. The best method of powering down the CSM is to use the procedure...
  10. Thymo

    Project Project Mercury

    @Lodkins Your orbiter_ng.cfg was probably overwritten by ProjectMercury. I assume you had a split texture dir to use Orbiter2016's textures. You'll need to reapply those.
  11. Thymo

    Project Project Mercury

    So a couple of things I've noticed. When I turn the suit fan off, I get a CABIN PRESS and O2 QUAN warning. Turning the suit fan on again does not clear this and the fan sound is also way quieter than before. Is this just my incompetence or does this still need to get implemented? If I open the...
  12. Thymo

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Perfect, thanks!
  13. Thymo

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Hi @fred18 , would you be willing to merge this so people can use VesselBuilder with the MIT license?
  14. Thymo

    Question MCC1 - Scrubbed

    It means that the calculated correction burn was so small that it fell within the mission rules that dictate if a burn should be executed or not. So if a burn is scrubbed you can be confident that you are on course and no correction is necessary at the present time. :) Later on you will get a...
  15. Thymo

    NASSP Checklist with explanation

    Here's a permanent invite:
  16. Thymo

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Hi Fred, Thanks so much for providing the sources for VeselBuilder on GitHub. However, legally no one can distribute or make any modifications to your project because it does not have a license. This makes it All Rights Reserved by default. From your post I understand you only want people to...
  17. Thymo

    Roadmap proposal - Orbiter development

    I love all the ideas. I would suggest that everyone not get ahead of themselves and focus on the x86 release first. We can work from there. It would be a shame if all these ambitious ideas are made and most of them never seeing the light of day.
  18. Thymo

    Roadmap proposal - Orbiter development

    Yeah something like that could work. If realism is a concern you can always add it as an option to the launchpad to turn it off. For NASSP it wouldn't really be an issue as we have our own ecosystem of calculating maneuver data. So it wouldn't work with those maneuver nodes anyway. If this gets...
  19. Thymo

    V8 Release Work Thread

    @Max-Q has provided us with a new mesh for the LTA for everyone to enjoy. Available with the latest release.
  20. Thymo

    NASSP PGNCS surface landmarks for tracking

    What was the exact name of the scenario you started from? Do you maybe have an ancient scenario file that has since been removed from NASSP.