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    Discussion Spaceflight Video Thread

    This same DSKY replica was used during my Apollo 12 Real Time Simulation! Best regards,
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    Welcome to one of the best communities online. Here nobody will ever think about this: Hope your brother has a great time here, it´s a pleasure to have him onboard. Best regards,
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Ready to fly again to the moon, for a surface rendezvous with Surveyor 3? Apollo 12 Real Time Simulation is almost ready to go!
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    OHM Space Shuttle Ultra v4.2

    You need Vandenberg AFB´s addon: As you might not have it (don´t now if @Johan2011 included it on the readme of this re-release) orbiter tries to find it as you approach US´s west coast, and as it does not exist, it CTD´s. Best...
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    Flight Question XR2 Ravenstar - veers off runway on takeoff...

    Yeah, wind is under parameters. Try disabling it and see if the issue is reproduced. Does the same happen with for example a stock deltaglider?
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    Flight Question XR2 Ravenstar - veers off runway on takeoff...

    May I ask something that could sound ridiculous, but for what you describe could be possible: Do you put in any input to keep the spacecraft on the runway centerline? As in, press 1 or 3 key on the numpad, or use the yaw control on the joystick, having checked that it´s properly configured in...
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    Question Virtual Reality

    I spent time over the last months experimenting with Orbiter 2016 + D3D9 client and did some succesful sessions on various addons. I will take the chance, then, to resurrect this thread and share my information (I wanted to create a new thread). The headset that I use is a Valve Index, so I...
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    Returning to Orbiter

    Welcome back!
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    News Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 flight PK8303 crash

    Final report released and analyzed by "blancolirio" on Youtube
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    Problem ISSR no longer works in Orbiter 2016 D3D9Client

    I get a CTD too without anything on the logs but something on the Windows´s Event Viewer, when trying to launch the following scenarios of ISSR: Scenarios\International Space Station\Misc\Sunshine marathon (04.06.2007).scn Scenarios\International Space Station\2000\005. Zvezda (SM)\Zvezda...
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    [NASSP 8] [RTS] Decision about debriefings

    Hello all, I completed the processing of the post flight data for Apollo 11, and I attach it here, including the EMS Scroll and the MCC log, as this mission was succesfully completed without any reload of the simulator. Also contains the EVA "script" wich unfortunately I had to improvise a bit...
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    [NASSP 8] [RTS] Decision about debriefings

    Hello all, I finally completed the processing of the quicksaves for Apollo 10. Unfortunately, I don´t have a quicksave or the "(Current state)" after splashdown or egress, I guess I was too excited to have completed the mission :P So attached here is the quicksaves with the raws and the...
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    Ello Everyone

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    [NASSP 8] [RTS] Decision about debriefings

    Hello all! So I have made a decision, some of you already know it from the Discord where NASSP community lives. I am not going to continue the debriefs in the format that you saw for 7, 8 and 9. It´s too much time and having completed 11 I think I should focus my free time on other things (that...
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    Goodbye 2023

    Oh sorry to read that. Glad that you are better now! Best regards,
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    Goodbye 2023

    Hello all, I am writing these lines to wish you all a good, better and happy 2024. For me this 2023 has not been so good in my personal life. Although on the sim side the year has been great (performed three Apollo Real time simulations this year, including Apollo 11 wich touched me a little...
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    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    Ah!! Circuit breakers! Thank you very much, it was annoying me, I thought that CB´s were not yet added. Best regards!
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    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    Hello all, I have a big question, maybe the answer is very simple but I cannot figure it out. I say it´s big because it´s annoying me as I think I have everything set up properly. How to activate the CCTV system, give power to the monitors, and have a picture on them? When I toggle the power...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    After two years of Apollo missions in real time every almost 6 months, and after completing Apollo 7, 8, 9 and 10, I am ready for the big one. Apollo 11, the mission that we all know, that attempted the first landing on the moon, will lift off in my YouTube channel on november 14th at 08:32 UTC...