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  1. triplepogi2009

    OHM X-wing Starfighter Red5

    Dude, try editing in DXTBMP. Now THAT'S a horrible way to edit.
  2. triplepogi2009

    OHM XR5 Wasp

    You mean the symbiote spiderman...
  3. triplepogi2009

    Not anymore.

    Not anymore.
  4. triplepogi2009

    OHM Orbiter City

    Whoa... THIS IS EPIC :D
  5. triplepogi2009

    What's that addon on your pic and signature? Looks good :D

    What's that addon on your pic and signature? Looks good :D
  6. triplepogi2009


    Downloaded, I am working on an addon based of Kev33's old F-22 (as in the (really old) spacecraft2 one), called the AXR Project Raptor (an outdated version is on my signature, it sucks so don't ask). Should I use this addon for a scenario? Also, where can I ask Kev33 if I can use his F-22? I've...
  7. triplepogi2009

    OHM “Unofficial” LazyD Tribute Orbiter 2010

    Well I looked him up on Google after I made this comment... So he is legendary, putting up the great Apollo missions, and some MFDs, in Orbiter.
  8. triplepogi2009

    OHM “Unofficial” LazyD Tribute Orbiter 2010

    Wow I've missed a lot... Who's LazyD?
  9. triplepogi2009

    OHM Planet Nibiru

    Yeah, and I am president (sarcasm) :rofl: Been a while since I commented here.
  10. triplepogi2009

    OHM Large UFO

    Hmm... just stumbled upon this addon right now, thanks MJR... I seriously need UFOs for my YT film.
  11. triplepogi2009

    OHM Garuda squadron DG-IV

    Guess I'll do it myself lol
  12. triplepogi2009

    OHM OrbiterProcTer 0.1.0

    I'd go with CJP's idea... ---------- Post added at 12:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:52 PM ---------- Thanks Dude. And btw, yep, I have Gimp.
  13. triplepogi2009

    OHM OrbiterProcTer 0.1.0

    I got a problem with this... It's in the Manila part of the Philippines, where I am building my Metro Manila base, and, EVERY TIME I open it, THE WHOLE BASE IS UNDERGROUND!!! What shall I do here? Just asking.
  14. triplepogi2009

    OHM The Flying Sphere

    Is that a UFO? jk AWESOME ADDON
  15. triplepogi2009

    OHM GDI MkI Ore Mill

    Cool addon. Reminds me of Tiberian Sun. Does it mine Tiberium? (Gives it a Global Defense Initiative logo-and guns)
  16. triplepogi2009

    Orbiter graphics - Like these?

    I'm not stupid, I know it's a real pic... And besides, EA ruined Maxis already.
  17. triplepogi2009

    OHM ClassicDG

    Time to make the Aurora out of this...
  18. triplepogi2009

    OHM Planet Nibiru

    2012 is fake for crying out loud... And Nibiru is my MOST HATED conspiracy theory. Come on, if it exists, WHY CAN'T WE SEE IT?!