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  1. DecoFox

    Discussion The Nuclear SC/RAMjet (and otherwise exotic atmospheric propulsion) Adventures

    Hey everyone, I'm back with further adventures in whatever this bizarre thing is! No specific questions this time, but I am fishing for general knowledge on exotic airbreathing engines and how best to implement them. I've been beating my head against this for a few days, so figure it's a good...
  2. DecoFox

    SDK Question Virtual Cockpit best practices

    Thanks again for the help. Thought I'd post an update so I've got something to show for it: I'll probably start an actual thread for this thing some day. But for now, this'll do.
  3. DecoFox

    Discussion A Record of My Own Noob Questions, for Reference to Other Noobs

    I've been having a great time figuring Orbiter out, but wow can it be a difficult subject to google, and if you haven't sat down and read the manual end to end, it can be easy to miss stuff. Not to mention some of the manual is outdated. My intent with this thread is to create a record of all of...
  4. DecoFox

    SDK Question Virtual Cockpit best practices

    Awesome! Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know.
  5. DecoFox

    SDK Question Virtual Cockpit best practices

    Appreciate the advice. I figured the story might be "end up doing it a bit differently and a bit better each time", which is why I went ahead with the Shuttle A example, but it's good to know it probably won't turn around and bite me in a huge way in the immediate future. Now that I better...
  6. DecoFox

    SDK Question Virtual Cockpit best practices

    I went ahead with reference to the Shuttle A (having judged the DG inheritance structure to be a bit overkill for my needs) and have been making alright progress with clickable (Navmode switches) and draggable (light dimmer) VC elements. The sticking point at the moment is MFD displays. The...
  7. DecoFox

    SDK Question Virtual Cockpit best practices

    Hey, very long-time Orbiter player finally getting around to cracking the SDK open, here. I'm posting hoping for some general wisdom on how best to build Virtual Cockpits in a way that doesn't create a ton of technical debt. I come from a Unity/C# background primarily, so you may have to bear...
  8. DecoFox

    Question Orbiter Development Overview?

    I've broken into developing mods for a few games now, and so far it seems the best way to go about it is to just start a general thread and hope for the best. Most of my development experience has been with KSP, but recently I've been getting a nostalgic urge to revisit Orbiter since it was my...