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  1. malisle

    Installation Orbiter2016.exe does not start

    File is large so it takes some time to prompt for admin elevation even on good hardware.
  2. malisle

    Orbiter 2016 - RC.4

    I'm sorry for being out of the loop, but is there a simple way to update HR textures? My problem is that I have no idea which ones do I have, and even if I get the whole package again I will probably have the same problem in a few months if updates do occur within that period. Some...
  3. malisle

    Flight Question Aerobrake problem-The Ultimate Quest for the Most Efficient Aerobrake Technique

    Try completing this. It is completely unpowered landing challenge from some time ago. Answer is yes, you can aerobrake and land without using engines at all. Thread should give you some general pointers.
  4. malisle

    Humor Random Comments Thread Unigine 2 - Earth Model. It really doesn't look all that much better than Orbiter 2016. It puts all the effort put into Orbiter into perspective (and maybe gives someone an idea or two :hmm: )
  5. malisle

    Fun With Naval Terminology

    On the taxonomy of spaceships Took me a while to find it again, but it sums up nicely what different classes of ships represent in navy and sci-fi :)
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Update GPU drivers, verify that Orbiter is using the correct discrete 3D device. Then, try forcing it from Catalyst.
  7. malisle

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    By the looks of your pics, I believe anti-aliasing should be set to higher level in your D3D9 settings. I maxed everything out and enabled V-sync (caps framerate at 60 fps so your GPU doesn't have to draw extra number of frames that your monitor can't display)
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

  9. malisle

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Just Orbiter 2015 beta with D3D9 and somewhat tweaked atmosphere parameters because the default one looked a little washed out to me.
  10. malisle

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

  11. malisle

    Terrain refresh rate

    I have a question regarding latest Orbiter 2015 beta with D3D9 beta. After changing the camera view (rotation around the vessel for example) already loaded terrain loses it's detail and starts to load again. Also, when orbiting the terrain starts as low resolution and proceeds to build up...
  12. malisle

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    Are there any active torrents for Hi-Res beta textures? If there are, are they kept up to date with new tiles? I noticed that the map got a little bit more populated and I have no idea what tiles am I missing. Alternatively, what is the best way to get all the latest textures in the most...
  13. malisle

    Question Alternatives to Skype

    Microsoft Lync is excellent, also part of Office package.
  14. malisle

    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    Install SSU - one of the included scenarios within SSRMS folder was prepared to demonstrate child->parent switching on the Canadarm2. That enables you to move Canadarm2 very easily across the station (it also has inverse kinematics).
  15. malisle

    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    Not sure, but I thing CanadaArm2 coded by Siamesecat can inchworm across ISS just like that arm in the video.
  16. malisle

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I know almost nothing about rendering of water, so, can someone explain to me where exactly are the limits of Orbiter in regards to water realism? Would something like this be applicable in Orbiter?
  17. malisle

    Flight Question What if Orbiter simulated aerodynamics based on the shape of your vehicle?

    Would it be possible to precompute the parameters based on the shape of the aircraft (including variations of AOA, speed, angles of control surfaces etc.) and then use those parameters is .dll? Few days of computing would probably be acceptable to most addon developers that want somewhat...
  18. malisle

    Problem Model from SketchUp looking wrong in orbiter

    I see that you have no mesh smoothing in the Orbiter model. I never used Sketchup so I can't help you with technicalities, but some googling will probably take you a long way :) otherwise, great model :thumbup:
  19. malisle

    I made this "2D Orbiter" at a game jam (also, it's open-source)

    Make it into an MFD game so that Orbinauts have something to do in those long and boring voyages :) Joking aside, I really like it. It reminds me of Space Agency, but with better physics.
  20. malisle

    2014 World Cup

    I'm hearing more happy shouting through my window now than I did when we played against Cameroon :lol: