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  1. jinglesassy

    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Previous server had problems with mob spawning. This server on the other hand has problems with......donuts? Also, id like to join if possible. My minecraft username is jinglesassy which is what i use for literally everything :P.
  2. jinglesassy

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    Oh fine! Ill just settle for the entire thing being animated from the ladder to get in the bird deploying to the coffee machine brewing a decaf mocha latte!
  3. jinglesassy

    Gaming Race Into Space discussion thread

    What were you doing anyway? That i have no idea how you could delay it any further then that.
  4. jinglesassy

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    Still looks amazing. Question though, will there be any crew members? And if so are they going to be more detailed then the 2 in the MK1? Sorry but i just cant stand to look at them, Just looks bit bad to me.
  5. jinglesassy

    News US EAST Coast Earthquake

    I also felt the quake. First i thought it was quantico but then it kept growing in strength and kept going. Unfortunately it dropped my box of few thousand lego pieces so... 5000 lego piece pickup!
  6. jinglesassy

    Record time: KSC to ISS, XR fleet.

    24 minutes 8 seconds Direct ascent right beside it with the XR2.
  7. jinglesassy

    Gaming The Orbiter-Forum: Minecraft Server.

    Do you run the .jar or the .exe version of the server?
  8. jinglesassy

    OHM Tiny Earth

    I really do wish that the orbiter-forum staff would screen for useless addons like these.
  9. jinglesassy

    Gaming The Orbiter-Forum: Minecraft Server.

    First there was the cow army.....That was defeated then the chicken armada and that was shot out of the sky but now... Now we face a new threat....One we cannot defeat without some shears....Sheep.
  10. jinglesassy

    Gaming The Orbiter-Forum: Minecraft Server.

    It was on a cobblestone base. I think he only blew up a small portion of the base not 100% sure as i died from the explosion.
  11. jinglesassy

    Gaming The Orbiter-Forum: Minecraft Server.

    Its working again also.....Sorry Woo482 i blew up your most awesome house from a creeper. :(
  12. jinglesassy

    Gaming The Orbiter-Forum: Minecraft Server.

    Same problem here.
  13. jinglesassy

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    If i could have one feature it would be the attitude hold autopilot using the ailerons/elevens when they would be more effective then the thrusters. Sorry but they really would not to anything at 12,000 feet even. Still it is one of the best ships for orbiter even with this minor issue :).
  14. jinglesassy

    Scientific Method Mega Thread

    People that are good at english, Really are stupid when it comes to physics it looks like.
  15. jinglesassy

    The patriot 4 flies.

    Finally got the videos up. There in the first post and as we went to the smithsonian today and i recorded my sister on the flight simulator. Heres the video just to piss her off :P.
  16. jinglesassy

    Request Smaller Solar System

    I hate you.....Stupid TvTropes.... Well it would be impossible cause well if they are all realistic masses then orbiter will not know what to do. Good luck running even 200 suns let alone the planets :P
  17. jinglesassy

    Question With whom would you eat dinner?

    1. The probe. 2. Martin. 3. George Washington.
  18. jinglesassy

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    Will it still have the easter eggs we all love? :)
  19. jinglesassy

    Alien found? Really?

    Why would they evolve to look so much like us? Whenever i ask a alientologist that i either get yelled at, he leaves, or something along those lines. It really is quite funny.
  20. jinglesassy

    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    When you just finished a real time lunar trip.